Input Log Dates
256 1“s chat: 4
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Input Log Dates
Author :SharpJester
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256 1“s chat: 4

>C1 has logged on.

>B1 has logged on

B1: what?

B1: C1?

B1: C1 you're on? YES

B1: how ar eyou? are you doing okay?

C1: . . .

C1: I'm... surprise how q1uick you are to go back to normal.

B1: the hell you mean?

C1: you just went on straight to logdates and the recordings and...

B1: well yeah? Wouldn't want to get my ass chewed out by the main apartment.

C1: . . .

C1: any word from A1?

B1: nope. Not a single character.

B1: i'm getting worried.

B1: you don't think they got infected?

C1: if they were, we'd know immediately

C1: server's connected to him after all.

C1: if they die, it's game over.

C1: so the fucking bastard is alive at the very least.

B1: Well

B1: how are things going on your end? How's your residents? The breach left a nasty fucking hole on our level, how bad was it for yours?

C1: THings. could be getting better. Say, B1. Do you have a plan yet?

C1: I'm sorry to ask this. But I think we need to start thinking other options. I suggest you hunker down with your residents and figure out what to do yeah?

B1: i mean, we've been counting rations and I'm about to implement-actually on that note have you noticed anything fucking weird about the rations? My 4 said that they are using a new formula. Do you know anything about it?

C1: what? You're getting off topic. We need to figure out what to do next. Plan the next steps.
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B1: I suppose you're right.

C1: this shit won't go away on it's on B1. Just... be ready for anything.

C1: i've got to go.

>C1 has logged off

B1: wait!

B1: . . .

B1: damn it. What is going on here.

>B1 has logged off.


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