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257 >B1 recording: 3
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Input Log Dates
Author :SharpJester
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257 >B1 recording: 3

\u003elocation: b1 room


[foot tapping]

B1: [under breath] shit... fuck..

[chair moves]

[multiple footsteps as they pace around the room]

[someone knocks on door]


B2: [muffled] 1? It's me, i just came by with some rations.


[footsteps as the door opens]

B2: you... Look like shit.

B1: It's not even been a second and you're already insulting me.

[the door closes as multiple footsteps is heard]

[shuffling and rummaging is followed as the bed creaks]

B2: I'm only saying whatever is true.

[B1 grumbles]

B1: S'not my fault that this shit is happening.

[quiets down as B1 sighs]

B1: 2... if we-[gulps]-What do you think we should do? If we have... if we can't stay here anymore? I don't know if 5 is getting to me but i think i'm just, with the mold and the contamination and-

B2: I don't know 1. [takes a deep breath] There's not much we can do right now, we don't know how things will turn out. It isn't like last time, we were fine last breach but that feels like a breeze compared to what we're going through. [Gulps] We've never had something on this scale happening.

B2: [sighs before snorting] At least we aren't bored in our rooms anymore...

[light smacking sound as B2 yelps.]

B1: bad joke 2.

B2: [giggles] sorry chief. But listen, best we can do is just hold down fort and weather the storm out. Keep an ear out right?


B1: I hope you're right 2...

\u003erecording ends


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