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Input Log Dates
Author :SharpJester
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As promised, this is the long awaited (perhaps) Q&A for the celebration of 1 million views. Both me and my staff has looked at each comment and question and answered them according to their departments.

Thank you, once again, for your support.

Admin 1

-Executive Operator


1. Where do these take place?

Did you forget already?

Have you been in the ground for that long?

Did you forget the world we're trying to bring back?

Did you forget our past?

I suppose it's only natural. We've lived in the main apartment for many cycles. Most people from era 1 has long since expired, not everyone remembers how the world used to be.

Hence why we are all here. Admins, residents, personnel. All working for the same goal of restoring our home back to it's fruitful glory.

>Admin 2

-Second in command Operator


2. Can I have a time line?

The current database is based on files gathered between the years

XX98 to XX99. If you want it more specific, we are currently era 5 personnel. Just in case you've forgotten.

>Admin 4

-Second in command researcher


3. What is the "substance" that I think was described as mold like and black I.e. the effects. even if it is just organized from already given information.

The mold is what we, personnel, are working on. To think it's been so long as to most personnel forgetting about it. This is what happens when the Main Apartment has been contamination free since era 1.

The mold, for as far as we know, is a parasitic substance that has both high infection and spread rate. The tricky thing about this mold is that it's inconsistent, constantly changing, maybe evolving.

according to resident C3 of building block r, the mold is... parasitic. Grappling onto any surface, being hard or flesh, and slowly infecting the system from the inside.

any contact from it results in it spreading at a fast rate. Only highly concentrated bleach seems to deter the smallest ounce of it. Removal is nearly impossible otherwise.

I've hypothesized that it directly affects the central nervous system, most importantly the brain.

Current symptoms stands:

consistent loss of consciousness

persistent hunger

frequent need for noise

-potentially, self made in the form of banging on walls. screaming. Talking.

uncontrollable anger, potentially outbursts

on that note, mood swings.

upon exhibiting early symptoms,the infected host will quickly get overtaken by the mold until it is completely covered in it. Current efforts to prevent infection are as follows:

disposal of any and all personnel exhibiting early symptoms via through the head. No known effective prevention/disposal for late stage infection.

Truth be told, much information about the catalyst like virus is... unknown. However, rest assured.

The administration is hard at working running test to get as much information as possible. Continuing the work of pre-era research to better our survival.

>admin 6

-Head of Contamination Department.


4. layout descriptions might be cool, inside and/or outside.

Guess it's my turn.

Each building block is comprised of 4 levels. As you should know, starting from top to bottom, it is A, B, C, D. These levels are separated via 6 rooms for each resident of the level. with two elevators on either side of the hallway.

I've made a quick little layout just in case:

1 2 3

elevator elevator

4 5 6

once again, as you should know, all building blocks are build beneath the surface. As it is the safest of place to be in considering our current climate.

as for the outside? It's barren. Just a humid, dusty, foggy mess of what used to be. There's no need to be worried about such things, after all you personnel are needed here. In the main apartment.

Not even those in the trials or building blocks are needed on the surface.

>admin 7

Head of Establishment Department


5. Ages of the characters though I guess those could be classified under the timeline

YOu are quite right for that information being classified.

However, rest assured, all residents are of appropriate age.

There has been no reported instances of juveniles participating in the trials for all 5 eras.

>Admin 5

-Personnel Coordinator


6. Speaking of classified a transcript of the classified documents one half found in her (potentially his have read that far just saw a comment alluding to more interactions) mom place( forgot her number) ... essentially more lore about the experiments they have been doing
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These files might be leftover/sentimental files from back during the trial. Some residents kept their notes in the event of needing them as they live in the building blocks. However most are /actual/ files. Not pictures as the .5 notes deem them to be. We are currently still working on finding said files. However, 9 stated that the origins of the .5 notes are unknown.

Most were found on the surface scattered about.

updates will be given if origin source is found.

>Admin 2


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