Input Log Dates
258 Main recording: 4
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Input Log Dates
Author :SharpJester
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258 Main recording: 4

\u003elocation main hallway


[sounds of lights flickering]

[a high pitch sound is emitted]

[Lights fizzle out]

[in the distant, several yells and screams are heard as doors are slammed open]

B5: The lights-

B4: shit again?

B2: guys be careful

B1: fuck really? This too on top of all things?

[sighs as the sound of someone patting the walls is heard]

B5: what's the game plan now.


B1: hunker down, be prepared for anything. I'm not sure when it's coming back but it's best not to-

[loud squishing sound]

[several squeaks]


B2: w... what was that?

[loud squish]

[panicked squealing and yells]

[sounds of bodies slamming into each other]

B1: [incoherent]-DISPOSER! WHO HAS IT?!

B4: what is this..?

B2: go to the elevators-[squishing sound then screaming]

B5: where's the fucking door-WHERE'S THE DOOR?!

[Loud bangs are heard from below the floor as more panicked screams are heard]

B5: What the fuck is that?!

[more thumps]

B1: fucking go go! Just get to the elevator!

[heavy footsteps as the banging continues]

[a loud thump is heard as well as a screech]

B2: come on, grab my hand.

[continued footsteps as flickering is heard]

[a light buzz is heard, the lights presumably coming back]

[confused squeaks and cries]


[quiet squelching sound before a quick splash]


B1: was that...

B5: 6...?

\u003erecording ends


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