Input Log Dates
260 >B4 recording: 2
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Input Log Dates
Author :SharpJester
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260 >B4 recording: 2

>location: B4 room

[recorder is turned on]

[shuffling and shifting]

[quiet muttering as something is written down]

B4: shit i should do this...

[clears throat]

B4: [deep breath] I... B1 tasked me to compile any thoughts I have on the mold in the recordings. As per requested, here I am.

[impaitent tapping on the table]

[B4 groans]

B4: I don't like our chances. Let's get out of the way first. I may not be a 1 but I know enough about our studies on mold to know that /this isn't normal/. First we've got a large scale contamination breach-I don't think ANY training could've prepared us for that.

[more shifting as the tapping continues]

B4: [muttering] ...How infected do you have to be in order to contaminated 3 whole floors? They must've been ripped apart...


B4: [muttering] fucking 4, stop. [clears throat] Then you have the flaw in our server-well level. The frequent power outage a-and the refusal of the As to do anything about it.

[sounds of paper flipping]

B4: Then the fucking-that /thing/ we saw. It was gone in a second but i /know/ what i saw-we all did. We all couldn't have hallucinated the same thing so it must. Be. Real.


B4: and that's a scarier thought.

[more groaning as they slam their hand on their table]

B4: The mold shouldn't be moving like that-they shouldn't be taking the forms of people. I mean it's movement speed is fucking slow! But then the lights gave out-then the panic. I...


B4: [anxiously taps the table] if we factor in the movement speed and its ability to take form, our survival is less than... We won't make it. Not in here at least.


[long sigh]

B4: ...this wasn't even about the mold. I didn't even do my task right..

B4: how the hell can 1 be so adamant about keeping up the system? It's hard to judge when the lines between them taking charge and them being delusional blur.


B4: The one thing I can't take my mind off of though... Is new formula of the rations... And the timing of it.

[loud sigh as the tapping stops]

B4: The worrying is eating at me. I need rest. THat's all to report today.

>recorder is shut off


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