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261 1“s chat: 5
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Input Log Dates
Author :SharpJester
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261 1“s chat: 5

>B1 has logged on

B1: @C1 did your power go out?

>C1 has logged on

C1: Shit you too?

B1: oh fuck that's a relief, it isn't out server.

C1: Fuck, that must mean it's the main server itself that's fucking up

C1: where the fuck is A1?!

C1: Listen for now we just need to work together. I'm sure two 1s combined can overide some shit right?

B1: what? Do you even know how much rules we're going to be breaking by doing this?

C1: come on, let's combine servers and see what we can do with it. Didn't they say that was a feature we can do? I jusr can't fucking remember /how/ to do it. I can't. I can't remeb er the simplist things now-a-days. You rememb er rig ht?v YOU can still remember right? Tell me your s s erver code!

B1: that's... out of the question.

B1: do you know how much trouble we'd be if the main fucking apartment hears about that? FUck even this could get us into shit.

B1: We CAN'T do this C1. We can't break rules and make things up as we go!


B1: . . .

C1: Honestly how the fuck can you act like everything is all peachy huh?

B1: Cause maybe we spent fucking cycles during the trials going through these types of simulations? I didn't work my ass off to throw away 5 full years at the first sight of trouble.

C1: You're a fuckig n idio t!

B1: fuck off, this is why you're a C.

B1: shit.

C1: . . .

B1: shit

B1: shit wait c i'm sorry i didn't mean that

C1: no.

C1: i hear you loud and clear B.

C1: Do you want me to bend down at your feet huh? Do you want me, a lowly fucking /C/, to for mercy for defying my superiors?

B1: fuck don't be like that-i'm sorry. I've just been stressed and and i can't let up the system cause it's the only thing still stable right? Like, it's the only thing i can count on to be /right/ so fuck please. I'm sorry C1.

B1: C1 i'm sorry

B1: listen you're right. I need to think outside of set rules and laws for the sake of our residents.

B1: we just need to share server codes r-right? I think that's how they did it.

B1: maybe i can look around for my old files. I could figure it out right?

B1: ... C?

>chat force closed


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