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265 >B2 recording: 2
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Input Log Dates
Author :SharpJester
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265 >B2 recording: 2

\u003elocation: B2 storage room

B2:... wh...what am I...?

B2: What was i doing... again...? Wait why is the lights-OW!

[the sounds of glass scraping against concrete can be heard]

[hissing and various sounds of pain]

[shuffling as the sound of a hand tapping on concrete can be heard]

B2: is this glass...? What just happened? I-ow, ow okay. I need to get out of h-here and clean this up.

B2: Where did this g-glass come from...?

[more muttering as the sound of something hobbling about can be heard]

[light pats can be heard as B2 switches location]

B2: [hisses] Oh fuck... this hurts. Did i break some rations? I-ow-I can't remember what happened. When did the lights go out? Was I [hisses] sleeping?

[more hobbling before rummaging can be heard]

[various sounds of concern and pain is heard]

[something is placed on the desk before it is opened]

[more shuffling as a patting sound can be heard]

B2: ngh-fuck okay B2, take a deep deep breath. Just got to-[loud cry as something is thrown onto the desk]-oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh!

[more crying as the sound of tape is heard. Presumably, B2 applying bandages around their wound]

[Loud panting as they slump over in their desk.]

B2: o...okay. I just gotta-fuck-what is... is something on my face?

[more patting before a slight sound of squishing can be heard]

B2:... was i eating...? What is this...?

[more panting]

\u003erecording ends


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