Input Log Dates
267 B4 recording: 3
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Input Log Dates
Author :SharpJester
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267 B4 recording: 3

Location: B4 waste room


[muffled banging can be heard from outside]

[A sharp gasp is heard as well as heavy breathing]

[silence is then heard]

[a small sigh of relief is heard as something is scrawled onto paper]

B4: [quietly] 15 minutes this time... [slight tapping is heard as they write more] 5.... then 10, now 15.

B4: [various thinking noises as the recorder is picked up and fiddled with] I need more... i need more light um...

[more fumbling before the recorder is placed in their mouth. Really loud breathing noises take up this bit of the recording. As well as mumbling]

[this continues for some time]

[The recorder is fumbled with as it is pulled out of their mouth]

[soon being set down again as they sigh out]

B4: if I'm correct, it'll reach 1 hour with enough time... Gonna have to wait to see how long it stays there.

B4: By then, hopefully, the lights come on... doesn't seem to like the lights at all. Hrrm...

[recorder is picked up again as they sigh]

B4: Having this blinking red isn't any help, but it's better than nothing. i guess...


B4:... how long have we been in darkness? I haven't heard the cycle rumble yet. I can't tell if a day has passed or not, it seemed so long since the power went out. I've been halfing my rations as a just-in-case measure. The old supply at least.

[they sigh as the sound of their leg coming up and down anxiously]

[the voice recorder is moved as footsteps are heard]

[the tap is turned on]

B4: ill need to do another count on the supply.... I need to make sure tha-

[silence aside from the water rushing]

B4: ... I...


B4: ...why does the water... look black.

\u003erecording ends.


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