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270 1 chat: 6
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Input Log Dates
Author :SharpJester
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270 1 chat: 6

\u003eB1 has logged on

B1: Shit, shit. Okay, time to run some diagnostics on what's happened.

B1: @A1 what's the call, sir. Should I half rations? What's going on?

B1: A1?


B1: @C1

B1: are you on? Please. Please tell me you're okay.

B1: @C1

B1: FIne... Okay, you're not expired yet, otherwise, both D and C access would be on my side. I just have to.. I guess i have to start planning more. FUck. SHIT FUCK.

\u003eC1 has logged on.

B1: C1? C1 thank fuck!

C1: B1 are you all okay?

B1: I haven't checked yet-C1 do you know what happened?! Entity? VOID PROTOCOL?! Did we even go through that? The rations being halted just like that? Wait how bad is the lower floor? HOw bad is your floor?!

C1: B1... things are bad. THings are really... Really bad. Have you thought of what to do next? There isn't much time left.

B1: Wait, C1 what's going on?

B1: Are you infected?

B1: Wait what happened on your level?

C1: I've... I've tried all i can. I tried but i don't think i have much time. Do you know if D1 is confirmed dead yet?

B1: I-what? I thought we confirmed that they expired!

C1: I haven't gotten their server access yet.

B1: Shit. OKay

B1: @D1

B1: @D1

B1: @D1 are you there?

C1: you guys are going to need to get his computer access.

B1: You aren't thinking of us going to the surface right? You're still on that?

C1: and you're still on being here? B1, people are expiring! /I'm fucking expiring!/ What the fuck are you even thinking still?! Or are you infected too huh?

B1: Shit you are infected.

C1: yes, i am.

B1:... C1 im so sorry

C1: it doesn't' matter. What matters now is that we get everything set up for an escape. I don't know how long it will be until the next power outage, i'm not even sure the lights will come back on if so.

B1: But if we escape then would that mean we have to leave you?

C1: Yes.

C1: I need you to get your residents ready. Whatever you can do. Make sure to gather as many rations as you can left. Find something to carry with it. You'll need to confront the A level afterward and convince A1 to give you the server key. If i'm still fine, then i'll help you get up. Otherwise, get your 2 and train them to act as a 1. They're gonna need it since they will be taking over the lower servers

B1: what?! how do you know this would work? How do you even know all of this?

C1: There are few things i remember these days but i was sure this is something we will need. I still have some of my old files and papers from back during the trial days.

B1: shit that's right, we still have those don't we?

C1: Mayhaps. Regardless. Follow my instructions and get everyone ready to leave. Im not sure how long it'll take but w e got to move fast. Keep trying to get D1 to respond.

B1: Is there nothing else we can do?


C1: i don't think so B1. I'm sorry.

C1: This is the last i will be talking to you until it's time to move the elevators or I end up expiring.

C1: be safe

B1: Wait c1!

\u003eC1 has logged off.

B1: ... I'm sorry.

B1: ...

B1: how do i do automated messages again?

B1: . . .

B1: @D1 are you there?

B1: @D1 are you there?

B1: there. alright

B1: @D1 are you there?

B1: Let's hope they respond soon.

B1: @D1 are you there?

B1: ...

B1: @D1 are you there?

B1: @D1 are you there?

B1: @D1 are you there?


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