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271 >Main recording: 6
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Input Log Dates
Author :SharpJester
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271 >Main recording: 6

Location: Main hallway

[door opens]

B1: [under their breath]well that's that...

[sounds of surprise]

B5: 1!

B1: huh?


B5: so what did they say huh?

B1: 5-5 hey hold on-

B5: come on come on! What did the other 1s say? What about the A level? Did they say how long until the server is fixed? I bet they told you what to do right? About the hole and the infection and t-the mold right? um, yeah say I was just sa-saying to uh, 4 about ho-

B1: That's Enough 5.



[long sigh as someone else clicks their tongue]

B4: response huh?

B5: how would you know that?

B4: he wouldn't be as pale if not.


B5: ...1? Tell me they heard us right?


B1: I'm... I'm working on it alright? Just...

[several grunts and groans]

B1: The others got stuff they're dealing with right now, especially C1. Top priority is, uh... to control the infection and mold rates right now. [gulps] I'm sure after a few days-


B1: [increasingly gets more panicked] -the whole thing will blow over! 5, where are you going.

B5: [lowly] back to my room...

B1: wha, what? Why? Hold on-


B1: -Hey wait for a second!

B5: WHAT 1?! Huh? You said all that I need. We're fucked. We are going to die in this rotten fucking hole. A-And if you are a-all too blind to see just how fuCKED-

B4: oh piss off 5. Stop with the theatrics

B5: No you fuck off 4. I'm sick and tired of your high and mighty attitude.

[door opens]

B2: what's going...

B5: 2! 2, you know what 1 saw right? Don't- [sounds of scrambling and several exclaims]-Y'know about the chat, don't you fucking dare deny me that it doesn't exist. You know what the 1s are talking about-

B2: B5 get off-

[loud slam and a cry]

B5: Fuck yoU! TELL ME-

B1: Get the fuck off them 5!

[more sounds of struggle and punching]

B1: Now stand. DOWN.

[more fighting as the others protest]

B4: We have to stop! Nothing will come from fighting each other.

B2: 4 is right, come on!

[fighting before eventually the two are pulled away]

[more scrawble]

B5: Tell me B2-TELL ME. [loud bang] TELL ME WHAT THE 1S SAID. DO IT.

B2: I-I don't know!

[silence aside for panting]

B2: i...I don't know...

B5: What?!

B2: I don't know either okay?! I don't have any, any power like that-2s do not see those kinds of things 5!

B5: Then you're fucking worthless

[gasps of exclaim]

B1: that's too far 5.

B5: no. It's. NOT. They're as worthless and useless as me! NEither of us has a job here right? We're just more cannon fodder for you fucking 1s!

B1: That's not true!

B5: oh yeah? Then tell me what the others 1s said huh? Tell me your guys' stupid plan for us. How will you get us out of this?

B2: 5 you're not being fair! You can't bank on 1 to f ix, to fix a ll o f this stuf-

B5: Is that /not/ the role of a 1 in the first place?!


B1: [gulps] 5... 5 I-

B5: 4!

B4: h-huh?

B5: Tell me that you believe all this. That we'll be fine and that we should just blindly trust in the fucking 1 to keep us safe. That we'd actually /be/ okay and not infected!

B4: i-i

B5: Please 4. You're the only one after everyone here who isn't afraid to say the truth. Do you think... [deep breath] do you think we'd actually survive this?


B2: oh 4...

B5: well?


B4: I don't. I think our chances are... low. At best. With the D level gone, and I'm sure it's gone, it's only a matter of how long will rations last us.

B5: and what about the mold? Hm? Will we even survive to expire out of hunger?

B2: 4, please... don-

B4: we won't.


B5: [takes a deep breath] Well, [chuckles] there you have it.

[Begins to clap as they continue to speak]

B5: There. You. Fucking. Have. It. That's the end of us! It's the end of this building block. We are now stuck to die in a stupid concrete box a-and we're just wasting whatever energy we have trying to prevent our inevitable expiration!

[lets out a loud laugh as they begin to walk somewhere]

[laugh continues before quieting down]

[crying can be heard]

B1: There... There is a plan.

B5: Oh yeah? Like it fucking matters huh.

B1: There is a plan! There is!


B1: [gulps] Everyone, get your things packed.

[various sounds of exclaim]

B5: what the fuck are you talking bout?!

B4: no... Wait no you aren't thinking about-[they start laughing pitifully as something thuds against the walls]-I mean i thought of the possibility. But did all the 1s actually agree on it? Getting us the fuck out of here?

B2: [softly gasps] But B1, if the main apartment finds out-

B1: I know! [gulps with heavy breathing] I... I know. But C1 is right, it isn't much else we can do. 4 is right if we stay here we expire either way. Be it by the mold or starvation or whatever. We need to get everything prepared a-and set up for when we have to use the elevators.

B1: B2? I need you to come with me, i need to train you on the computers.

B2: what? Why me?

B1: Cause you're a 2 and we need to make sure we're prepared for all possibilities.

B5: What about C1? WHat about the C level? What about A1?!

B1: All that you're concerned with is getting this level, the B level, prepped and ready to go.

B4:... we're the only one leaving huh?

B1: ... sometimes i wish it was easier to hide things from you. Regardless, you all know your orders. While I and 2 deal with the computers, you and 5 get things ready for the move. Anything you think we might need. I don't know how long this place is from the main apartment but pack enough to last us a few cycles.

B2: ... Will this work?

B1: we have to hope it does. I know i'm asking a lot from you. But please, trust in me as a 1 to get you all out of here. Mark my words, i will make sure you all meet a good fate. Please.


[very quietly you can hear distant banging]

B4: There's nothing else we could do. I'm with your chief.

B2: [gulps] as scared as I am. I trust you 1.

B1: And 5?


B5:[shuffling]... you promise we'll all get out of here?

B1: yes. with as much power as i have left, i will get you guys to somewhere better.

B5: [shakey breath] Fine. There's not much choice anyway.

B1: good. now first, i need all of you to give me reports on what happened while the lights were out. I don't care if it's recordings or you tell me in person later. But I will need to make a log date on this okay?

[various sounds of agreement]

B1: alright, this... We got this. Now reconvene in 5 hours. There's lots of work to get done.

\u003erecording ends.


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