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273 1 chat: 7
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Input Log Dates
Author :SharpJester
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273 1 chat: 7

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C1: nothing from D1...

B1: the server still hasn't crossed over?

B1: no. I'm getting worried...

B1: I'll keep pinging them.

C1: We need to keep trying. If we are going to do this plan, we /need/ all the servers up and ready. The only way we can bypass the A level restriction is to have the other levels agree to move up. Then we can get the final server and leave. But unless the D server is in yours or my command, we are stuck where we are.

B1: We can't even bank on staying here too long. The mold's gotten into the basement no doubt. Our facets are a damn contamination breach by itself.

C1: By this rate, you guys can't afford to be here when the power goes out again.

B1: Shit, you don't think...

C1: I hope not but i doubt that it'll come on again. By then, it would be near impossible to get out of this wretched hole.

C1: Getting to the surface was not part of this plan, but I doubt anyone is willing to stay here to complete it to it's fruition. Are the messages doing anything B1?

B1: I can't be too sure. It's hard to tell how long they've actually been going on for. You wouldn't happen to know what the time is?

C1: Not at all. Even /if/ the power didn't cause the computer to reset. It must be part of the molding process...

B1: What are you talking about...?

C1: I've been losing consciousness between each text, B1. It's hard to describe. I haven't been able to tell when reality ends and dreams start. Every time I wake up, another fragment of my memory gets shattered.

C1: I barely remember how to walk anymore B.

B1: ...

B1: I...

B1: Is there nothing i can do? FUCK! I can't just stand idly by and watch you rot in front of me!

C1: There really is nothing you /can/ do. You know as well as I do. There's nothing that can stop or reverse the effects of this. I was dead the minute TH is Sh i t got into my s y s tem.

C1: What you can do is ensure that the residents, what's left of them anyway, can leave.

C1: I've got to go. I'm feeling hunger take me aga i n

C1: i ' m alwwa y s so hungry lately? The Ra t ions are diff eerent.

C1: I I i i i i I iI i IiI I I I I I I

\u003eC1 has been kicked out of the chat.

B1: C1!


B1: ... C1...

B1: . . .

\u003eB1 has logged off


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