Input Log Dates
274 B1 recording: 5
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Input Log Dates
Author :SharpJester
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274 B1 recording: 5

Location: B1 room


[loud sigh as something thumps the table]

[multiple banging noises are heard on the table as B1 groans]


[loud thump as the chair hits the table.]

[B1 panting]

[B1 continues to curse]

B1: shit. What do i do. What do i do.

B1: Everything's banking on-on me! Everything's banking on me.

[delusional laughing as pacing is heard]

B1: what can i do, fuck i didn't think being a B would be this fucking stressful. Where's the As? Where's A1?! Why have they not replied at ALL to any of the chats?!

B1: I can't do this on my own... I have to help everyone.

[loud groan as something is thrown at the wall]


[loud ding]

[quick silence]





[footsteps is heard as the chair rolls on the floor]

[the chair creaks as the sound of a mouse clicking is heard]

[B1 gasp softly]

B1: [quietly] no... No no no.

[loud laugh as rapid typing is heard]

B1: no fucking way. No fucking way!

[more typing is heard as B1 continues to laugh]

[typing continues before abruptly stopping]

B1: [muttering] what...?

B1: D4...?

B1: wait isn't...


B1: i can't remember... Why does D4 seem so...

[more typing is heard]

[this continues for some time as various ad-libs are accompanied with it]

B1: [muttering] what the hell is wrong with this kid

B1: it's like they haven't used a computer before...

[more typing]

[long pause as the occasional typing can be heard]

B1: I... Where are they?

[more waiting before B1 loudly sighs]

B1: fuck. Where the hell did they go?

[the sound of anxious leg bouncing can be heard]

[something slams on the table]

B1: shit! Where the fuck did they go?!

[they pant before a loud groan is heard, shuffling accompanying it]

B1: okay... okay B1, It's alright. I just, I just have to wait for them right? [anxious laughter] Yeah... maybe they had to deal with something. This is fine.

B1: It... It'll be fine.

B1: hold it together B1. Just gotta wait a bit more...


\u003erecording ends


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