Input Log Dates
277 B4 recording: 5
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Input Log Dates
Author :SharpJester
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277 B4 recording: 5

\u003elocation: main hallway

[heavy breathing]

[shuffling before the sound gets muffled]

[indistinguishable words]

[recorder is moved again]


B1: B5! I'm coming in

[frantic footsteps]

B4: fuck-careful 1!

[more running]

[loud panting]

[a sharp gasp is heard]

B4: [high pitched] 6?!

B1: [choked cry] DOnT! Stop just stay back!


[loud squelching noise]

[something slumps onto the ground]

[light sounds of crying with panting accompanying it]

B1: [slowly gulps] ugh-fuck. FUCK! Where's 5. Shit don't tell me 6 got to them.

B4: [blubbers] I-they might be hiding.

B4: [quietly] dear fuck.. there's so much mold...

[sounds of rustling as doors are knocked on]

[a loud grunt accompanies another loud bang]

B1: 5? are you in here?!

[loud gasps of concern as the distinct sound of slickness is heard]

[a low groan bellows from inside the bath tub]

[rushing slosh is heard from a faucet]

B1: ... get the fuck out of here 4.

B4: what?

B1: Get. The. Fuck. Out. Of. Here.

B4: No! I-


[slight cry as frantic footsteps is heard]

[sobs takes up most of the audio during this phase as well as indistinguishable babbling]

[distantly, muffled voices are heard]

[voices begin to grow in volume]

[door opens]

B2: [groggily]... 4 what's going-

[2 is cut off as they are pulled into a tight hug]

[2 is barely able to console 4 as they cry out]

B5: [distantly] ...So this is it. I-I just. [pause] Good fucking, good show 1! You almost got me y'know?!

B2: Is that...5?

B1: Shut. UP 5!

B5: Got me thinking t-that we stood a fucking CHANCE-


[severals screams are heard as B5 yowls in pain]

B5: You fucking shot me?!

B2: what's going on?!

B4: wait-no 2!

[a struggle is heard as B4 begs B2 not to go. A loud thump is heard as more yelling takes up the background. The tussle continues before B4 lets out a cry of pain. B2 having struck them. Frantic steps are heard with B2 screaming]

[another struggle happens as B1 and B2 can be heard fighting against one another. B4 sobs from their position as B5 groans from pain]


[more struggling as another BANG erupts from the room]

[B4 screams in response]

B1: THey. arE. I N F E C T E D! We /have/ to dispose of them!

B2: We can't! There's not much left. B1, please. Please, I can't lose another. Maybe they'll be okay! Maybe they are immune!

B1: No. Not when we are this close to getting out. we can't carry that risk 2!

B5: [pitifully cries] no no no, awe no please guys. [painful cry] I'm-I'm fine! I'm okay! No no, please don't. I'm okay! I'm okay! I ' m n n ot infec ted!

B1: Move out of the way B2. That. Is. An. Order.

B2: Please 1, we can't! we can't!

[grunts before more fighting is heard]

[something is shoved onto the floor]

[B2 can be heard hastily crying out as B5 whimpers]

B5: Not me, not me. B1, not me, please not-[B A N G]

[a croak is heard before something slumps into a liquid, creating a loud squelch]

[the room quiets as whimpers and panting is all that can be heard]

\u003erecording forced stopped


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