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279 1“s Chat: 8
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Input Log Dates
Author :SharpJester
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279 1“s Chat: 8

\u003eD1 has logged on.

D1: h...hello? B1?

\u003eB1 has logged on.

B1: Hey kid. What happened to you?

D1: I don't know... i just remembered waking up. I think i passed out? Did i miss anything? Are you okay?

B1: I'm fine.

B1: I'm fine.

B1: have you gotten a chance to contact the A level?

B1: I wanted them to at least know what we are doing before we get the elevator.

D1: no, i'm sorry. I don't know...

B1: sigh. it's okay, kid. Just... Things are hard but we got to get on top of these things. I've only got 3 people left on my level, we had to dispose of the rest. I-I don't know how many you've disposed of yourself-Had you dispose of anyone?-but we got to be strong.

B1: How many have you disposed of anyone yet kid?

B1: ...

B1: . . .

B1: alright I get it.

B1: sore subject huh?

B1: it's alright. Same here.

D1: oh... i'm sorry

B1: fucking, again with the sorries! Listen it's alright. Let's just-think you'll be ready for another round of computer stuff?

D1: ...are you okay mister D1?

B1: what the hell, mister now? I'm not that old I swear!

D1: Still, are you okay?

B1: Whether or not I'm okay doesn't matter, at this point at least.

D1: yes it does! Half done work is no work at all! ...or at least that's how i think it goes.

B1: uh-huh...

D1: mm hm! So that means you need to go take a break and do something fun before we get to work.

B1: Yeah, how bout no. We're under a tight schedule D4. So I'd appreciate it if you shut the fuck up and follow my instructions.

D1: N o. That spells nope! Go take a break! do something fun-like drawing! I like drawing, i've been running out of paper though...

B1: wha-you're such a weird fucking resident

D1: Language!

B1: Fuck! seriously? You care about language too-how old are you kid? if I was any stupider I'd say you're like 10 or something.

D1: hey! I'm older than that!

D1: i think...

B1: heh, you're a breath of fresh air anyway kid.

D1: what does that mean?

B1: means, that you're gonna knock it off with that 'fun' shit until after you give me the server permission. You got it?

D1: hrrrm fine!

D1: . . .

D1: maybe.

B1: heh, thanks, kid.

D1: huh? what? What'd i do this time?

B1: mm... nothing. Just fixed my mood right s'all.

D1: hehe, well i'm glad mister B1!

B1:... yeah alright then. drop the Mister. I swear i'm not that old.

B1: Alright well listen to me kid.

B1: I'll help you out but gotta go take care of somehting. You start off without me aight?

\u003eB1 has logged off

D1: o-oh! okay.

D1: B1...?

D1: are you still there?

D1: . . .

D1: Where'd you go?

D1: . . .

D1: i'm gonna. I'm gonna work on the computer.

D1: Please be okay

\u003eD1 has logged off


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