Input Log Dates
280 B4 Recording: 6
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Input Log Dates
Author :SharpJester
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280 B4 Recording: 6

Location: B5 storage room

[multiple sounds of disgust and sniffling]

B4: how the fuck did it... how the fuck did it ever get like this?

[sounds of glass being kicked away]

B4: There's got to be some sort of ration left under all this...


[footsteps before a loud squelch is heard followed with a sound of displeasure]

B4: fuck, fuck fuck, get off my shoe-get off my shoe!

[more shuffling before something squishes onto the wall]

[B4 pants heavily before a short shriek comes out of them]

B4: what was that? [quieter] ...what was that?


[a loud squelch is heard causing B4 to intake a deep breath of air]

[light steps are heard as more squelching is heard.]

[B4 breathes heavily as something clicks on. More shuffling is heard as the sound of squishing and squelching starts to fill up the room]

B4:... is... is it moving? I-I thought... I thought it was only ra-rations?

B4: [breathlessly] ...was the mold always there?


[a loud bang is heard causing the recorder to be dropped. Amongst the rumbling, rapid footsteps could be heard growing farther away.]

[the room falls silent before another bang is heard. A low groan bellows from nearby. The recorder is dragged across the floor before getting pulled into something wet and squishy]

????: hu...Hun...g...ry..

[rapid tapping and banging is heard as more low groans and indiscernible sounds accompany it]

\u003erecorder corrupted


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