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285 B1 recording: 7
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Input Log Dates
Author :SharpJester
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285 B1 recording: 7

\u003elocation: B1 room

[quiet breathing]

[loud exhale]

[the words 'what can I do' are quietly repeated]

[another loud exhale]

B1: [quietly] come on 1, you gotta keep it together. For 4, for 2, for everyone I-[muffled whimper]

[B1 continues to pace around, muttering underneath their breath. In the distance, the sound of running water is heard]

[knock knock knock]

B2: [muffled] B1?

B1: [to himself] shit 2, uh- [louder] give me a sec!

[door opens as the sound of scraping is heard with it]

[a soft gasp imminent from B2]

B2: wha... 1, what's going-are you okay?

B1: [alarmed] huh? I-I'm fine! I'm okay! ha ha, why do you-no I'm fine 2. See!

[footsteps are heard more things are kicked out of the way, B2 making their way into the room]

B2: what did you do to yourself...? What's going up with your-Did you suffer a breakdown?

[B1 is speechless as they sputter]

B1: N-No! NO! I'm [struggled breath] I'm... okay. I should be asking you that. What's up with you lately? I...

[B1 gulps as B2 continues to move about in the room. More objects being shoved aside, presumably to make more room]

B1: Where... Where were you? What happened to you?

B1: Did you not hear the shit storm that's been happening?!

B2: I-I'm sorry chief I-

B1: No! You don't get to be sorry. I needed you here-I needed you. I just [sharp intake of air]-just fucking go, uh-[snaps repetively]-get the fucking meds. You're on packing duty.

[B2 lets out various adlibs as a struggle is heard. B1 begins to drag B2 across the room.]

B2: please list-listen to my chief, what's going on?

B1: No, I don't have time for this. YOu fucking pick up your weight now 2. I don't care what's going on with you.

B2: [lets out a small cry] you don't mean that...

B1: right now, I do. Do you know how much I fucking suffered? Do you think I wanted to do this? Fucking watch everyone die or go in-fucking-SANE?! DO you know how tORturous it is to deal with all this crap and /not/ have the person who made you take the position be there? What happened to "we're a team, I'll be the 2 to your 1"? [their volume starts to increase] What happened to that 2! You've left me to do this shit alone, might as well continue on with that right?

B2: I'm s-sorry, I'm sorry! I've just been... so tired lately I-[sobs] I don't know anymore. It's no excuse but I've just been so tired and hungry and and...[devolves into sobs] but please, please 1.

[B2 cries more]

B2: please... Please look at me. Come on 1, we're still a team. I'll carry the load with you. You're not alone anymore, please please look at me.

B1: I can...I can't deal with you anymore 2. Please, just go get things ready. I need to go back to work.

[silence befalls the room before a strained groan is heard from the waste room]

[distantly more groaning and sounds of pain comes out from the room]

B1: [quietly] ...we're continuing this later.

[a brief moment of silence is heard before frantic footsteps as both residents run into the room]

B4: [in a weak tone] W..what's going on? why do I h-hurt? [their voice becomes croaky] w-water, please...

B1: sure 4, pass me the bucket will ya?

B2: on it.

[the sounds of water splashing is heard before B4 starts to gulp frantically.]

[the silence takes over once more as they continue to tend to B4]

[B1 and B2 exchange words of comfort and reassurance]

B1: there you go kid, there you go. Think you can stomach things for a bit longer?

B4: mm, yeah I think so... I-what even happened?

B1: You've made a wicked storm all over the wall next to B5's room. Wouldn't stop making a mess of yourself. I had to use meds on you to get you to stop.

B2: Wa-wait that happened?

[distantly, the computer dings a bit]

B1: [spits out his next words] Yes, that's what fucking happened. [clears throat before returning back to passive tone] 4, what happened? What'd you see? Why'd you go... all tits up and all that?

B4: [sputters a bit before responding quietly] ...g..give me a second. I'm woozy.

B1: no no, that's fine. Just chill out okay? [lets out a long sigh before slumping onto the ground] Let's just... breathe for a bit.

B2: [complies and sits on the ground as well.]

B2: Do you want anything to eat?

B4: [near screaming volume] NO!

[B1 and B2 quickly become quiet as B4 starts to hyperventilate.]

B4: no, fuck no... [they gulp a big breath before calming down.] You can't, you can't eat anymore.

[B1 and 2 lets out sounds of concern as B4 gulps, seemingly trying to clear their mind. Shuffling is heard as B4 stands up, the other two residents protesting in turn]

B4: get the fuck o-off me, I'm fine!

B2: you're clearly not, what do you mean we 'can't eat anymore'?

B4: It's the new rations. They're-they're bad. We /can't/ eat them. Even if we're starving we can't.

B1: what are you going on about?

B4: move it.

[B4 stomps away from the wasteroom and across towards the storage room]

[B1 and B2 consistently question their motives as B4 rifled through boxes. Haphazardly knocking into ration jars as they mutter beneath their breath.]

B4: I, I notice something bad. At 5s? THey, their storage room. Remember how it looked? The psycho knocked all the rations on the floor-hell you can't even see the floor when you walked in. [they begin to hyperventilate the more they talked] We need to get rid of them. We /have/ to get rid of them.

B1: take it easy 4! Please!

B4: I don't want to take the chance 1, not now. Not anymore. 5's storage room, those rations, I couldn't tell them apart from the mold. They all just... mixed together.

B2: What's the relevancy of this 4?

[B4 lets out a frustrated growl, stomping their foot once. It is presumed that they turned towards the other two residents]

B4: [quietly] ...I'm starting to think the mold came from the rations.

[immediately, the other two lets out yells of protest]

B1: that's just speculation 4, we can't jump to conclusions!

B2: I agree. The rations are what's keeping us from an early expiration, I-I mean what if 5's was just faulty? or how do you know that the mold came from the rations? It could've just mixed in from contamination or something!

B4: But what if it wasn't! what if this is why the new rations are bad?!

B1: We can't possibly know that 4. I'm sorry but we're already running low on the old supply. Sooner or later, we'd need to tap into the new rations else we expire.

B4: what about biscuits?

B2: those aren't enough to sustain us.

[the room falls silent as B4 lets out a cry of frustration]

B4: please 1... please, I have a hunch and you know that I'm never wrong about my hunches. [sobs] please, I've been ruminating on this for so long.

B1: [licks their lips as they hum in discontent] what say you then 4. What do we do?

B4: ...I, I don't know. We gather the old stock, the old ration and well, uh ration off of that. Board up the storage rooms after until we desperately need more. I just, don't want any of us to end up like 5. Whatever 5 did, whatever he /ate/, I don't want that to happen. Not anymore, not when I could prevent it.

B1: ... What say you, 2?

B2: [sucks in a deep breath] I... I want to say no. BUt this is on you chief.

B4: 1, please.

[silence before 1 sigh]

B1: fine, fine! We'll pack up the old supply and half intake for now. We can't be wasting time now y'know? But I'm willing to play around with this, just in case 4 is right again.

B2: you wish chief.

B1: good. Now both of you take care of that, I need to check in with the elevator situation.

[B1 begins to walk away as B4 makes a sound of agreement. B2 calls after 1 and it is presumed that the footsteps leading to the hall were 4's]

B2: We've got the elevators working?

[B1 grumbles as they sit in their chair.]

B1: not yet. I still need permission from C1.

B2: need permission...? Is C1 infect-

B1: yes. [takes in a deep breath] A lot has happened while you were MIA 2. I'm doing the best I can.

[B2 falls silent as B1 begins to type in the computer.]

B2: ...D1?

B1: yes and?

B2: I didn't... I didn't know D1 was able to talk-

B1: well they are. And they're fine. As I said, you missed a lot.

B2: I said I was sorry already.

B1: Sorry doesn't cut it B2! [takes a deep breath to calm down] As much as I value your input, I think it would be more productive for you to go and help 4. OR at the very least, tell me why the fuck you haven't been here.

B2: . . .

B1: You weren't here when B5 was disposed of, you weren't here when B4 was going nutso, fuck you haven't been here at all have you?

B2: I don't know what's going on with me anymore!

B1: Like I would know either.

B2: Oh shut up jackass, just [takes a deep breath] just listen to me okay?

B1: . . .

B2: good... good. okay, uh, fuck how do I...? Fuck it.

B2: I've... been passing out. And before you say anything, no it wasn't because I was staying up. But I've been lapsing in my consciousness and... come to think about it... my memory?

B1:'re having a hard time remembering too...?

B2: er, yes. I, I've been gone because I literally can't stay awake long enough until now. I've just remembered bits and pieces and sometimes I wake up to hear yelling... But the moment I try to leave, it's like something pulls me away.

B2: [shaky breath as their voice starts to crack from crying] ...I don't know what's going on with me... [devolves into sobs] why can't I stay awake? Is this a dream even?

B1: fuck, B2 come here.

[B1 hugs B2 as they continue to cry]

B1: You're awake love. You're fine. That's it, big breaths.

[B1 sighs as B2 quiets down]

B2: I'm sorry you've been so alone... were you okay...?

B1: [sighs again] I... managed. B2, you focus on getting better. Help 4 out with getting set up. I just need to go confirm some things with the other 1s.

B2: o-oh... Okay, I'll do my best. What are they saying?

B1: No word from A1, that abandoning bastard. But C1 has been getting the server ready to help move the elevator. I should be getting their permission for their server soon. And D1-er D4 actually-is helping out too.

B1: [sighs in relief] We'll have to go grab them before we face the As.

B2: D...D4?

B2: Why does that sound familiar...?

[a sudden thump as B1 curses out, quickly grabbing 2 before their head hits the ground.]

B1: shit, shit love. Hey, stay with me here.

B2: [mumbled slurs] stomach hurts chief...

B1: I've got you 2. Just, just here-[numerous objects are thrown onto the ground while the bed creaks as B1 sets B2 onto the bed]-it's alright, just take a deep breath.

[B2 becomes incoherent, becoming too weak to properly speak. The following words are a sum of what can be made out of her speech:


not again







B1: just... just chill out okay. You'll be okay.

[B2 in consoled and quiets down. It is speculated that B2 begun to sleep as indicated by the soft breathing heard from the clip]

[the room false silence]

[the computer dings]

[footsteps are heard as B1 slips into their chair again.]

\u003eRecording max


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