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286 1“s chat: 10
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Input Log Dates
Author :SharpJester
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286 1“s chat: 10

\u003eC1 has logged on.

B1: fuck me, C1?

C1: Shut up.

C1: No time.

B1: what the hell do you mean?

C1: Sending permissions to you now.

C1: Get out of here right away.

B1: What the hell is going on C?!

B1: please, don't tell me you're going to leav eme too.

C1: I'm sorry B. I don't have control over that.

C1: Please, I don't have time.

C1: If I lose consciousness again, I'm not going to come back.

C1: I barely remember anything anymore.

C1: Ju-j us t h u ngry

C1: Fuck, i cna't I c a n't stay h e r e.

C1: Goo good bye B.

B1: no no no no no! I can't lose you now! Not now!

C1: we don't get to choose anymore

C1: you have to leave, soon. The end of the cycle is coming. If you're still here by then, it's all over.

C1: you need to get all your residents and L E A V E

B1: I will! I will C1, I won't let you expire for anything. I just need to get the Kid before we go.

C1: who-Kid? who the fuck are you talking about?

B1: D4! You can see the previous chats C, I just need to get the kid and leave.

C1: What the fuck are you going on about! D4?

B1: Yeah D4. They're the only ones left on the D level. Thank fuck they are able to get to D1's computer.

C1: There's no fucking way that's D4. D4 was disposed of away!

B1: No they haven't, or last I checked anyway. They literally talked to me not too long ago.

C1: THat's not D4! I don't know who the fuck you've been talking to, but whoever it is. It's not D4 nor D1.

B1: What the fuck, how do you know that?!

C1: Cause D4 was disposed of. Fucking hell, not you too. Maybe you're not too bad, fuck how do I get you to remember? uh

C1: the restart. Remember the restart? The restart uh- fuck I can't remember now. Fuck, you must remember what was going to happen during the restart. Don't you remember the last time all of the 1s ssp pok e?

B1: ...shit.

B1: Shit wait.

B1: I need to check the files again, cause it can't be.

C1: We voted to dispose of D4 during the restart. D4 was practically paitent 0 for all of this. Weren't they related to the other resident that was disposed of? The survalience person of that level? D...D6?

C1: fuck I can't remember anything any m ore

B1: But-But that doesn't make sense! I was jus t talking to them! They couldn't have held out for that long if so-Who the fuck was I talking to?!

B1: @D1

B1: @D1

B1: Kid please talk to me, fuck, please

B1: please tell me you're D4 and that C and I have been thinking this is wrong.

B1: You really are D4 right...?

C1: ... Be careful B1.

B1: don't leave C.

C1: Make sure your residents are safe. It's likely I won't be coming back on anymore.

C1: I don't know who the fuck you've been talking to. But you better be safe. The building block is riding on you now.

C1: do me proud B.

\u003eserver notice:

C1 has banned C1 from 1 chat.

B1: no... no C1...

B1: ...

B1: @D1 please, whoever you are. Please be fine.

B1: @D1, kid. Just... talk to me.

B1: . . .

\u003eB1 has logged off


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