Input Log Dates
288 B2 recording: 3
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Input Log Dates
Author :SharpJester
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288 B2 recording: 3

\u003elocation: B4 room.

B4: this is... B4. Stating my thoughts as I had done in the past about the entire situation. B2 was gracious enough to have given this to me since I've lost mine in the storage room.

[goes quiet]

B4: [whispering] ...I refuse to go back in there...

[B4 sighs as shuffling and rummaging can be heard, it is presumed that they are packing things up.]

B4: In under a few hours, we will be attempting to reach contact with D4. [sniffling] A resident that I was just made aware of. B1 has not told me the full situation regarding that resident and thus, I can't help but be skeptical as to their... status.

[The sounds of shuffling are paused as it is presumed B4 stops to think]

B4: I'm certain that.... wait. It couldn't be, right?

[scrambles onto their chair as furious typing can be heard. The computer dinging to signify no entry which makes B4 grow increasingly frustrated. With a final grunt, they slam the keyboard onto the table]

B4: If only I could have access to my fUCKING computer. fuck. [takes a deep breath] It's fine. It's fine. Maybe my hunch is wrong, this time...

[they stand up as they began to pack up again]

B4: If only I could get access to my inventory logs. Then I could figure out the exact dat e they changed the formula of the rations. It wasn't always like this right B4?

[feintly, an unknown sound can be heard in the distance. A mixture of groaning and creaking, something that I can't describe] \u003c-???

B4: They couldn't have. We didn't have any incident of infection aside from that one resident down by the D level. But they could've just been an outlier cause that was like a year ago.

[B4 lets out more sounds of frustration as the sound appears again. This time louder. A mixture of groaning and cracking.]

B4: But what's the point of the Main apartment-

[The groaning noise grows louder, more apparent to be sourced in the hallway]

B4: changing the rations-

[The sound appears to be moving. Growing closer towards the right]

B4: to have mold in them?

[a loud bang is heard from outside causing B4 to yelp.]

[silence befalls the resident as the sound appears again, this time louder than before]

B4: ...B...B1! B1!

[B4 grows panicked as they hurriedly gathered things up, items knocking onto the floor as before the sound of them running out the room can be heard]

\u003eRecording stopped.


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