Input Log Dates
290 B1 recording: 8
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Input Log Dates
Author :SharpJester
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290 B1 recording: 8

Location: B1 room.

[B1 slams their hands against the door frame as B2 is heard squeaking in surprise.]

B2: B1 what the hell are you-

B1: I'm not going without you.

[B1 begins to stomp their way in as B2 yelps in surprise. Having been grabbed by their superior and thrown backward. A loud thud is heard as, presumably, B2 yells from stumbling onto the floor.

The chair squeaks as B1 begins to rapidly type on the computer. B2 quickly running back to the chair and pulling at it, trying to convince B1 to stop and let them take over instead. Note, their voice is cracking but it is unsure if it is because they strained it or if they are crying.]

B1: I'm not letting you go. Not now, not ever.

B2: But I'm /infected/ 1! I can't go on!

B1: we'll find a way to fix it.

[The chair wheels again as B1 throws open cabinet doors and drawers. Grunting as they mutter beneath their breath, seemingly trying to find something]

B2: We /can't/ fix this 1. The moment it touched me, I'm a goner. I don't want to end up like 5, please don't let me end up like them. Just let me do this for you! You wanted me to fix the mess, for abandoning you?

[the chair is swung to face B2 as they slam their hands on either side of B1, right on the table]

B2: [in a low tone] then let. me. do. this.

[the two return to silence as the building rumbles again. overhead, the lights are heard flicking causing B1 to click their tongue.

Presumably, B1 turns to look back at 2. Letting out a deep exhale, they grab hold of B2. Bringing them close]

B1: [in an equally low tone] No.

B1: I can't lose you, not like this, and not like now. Do you want to make up for earlier? Then stay. with. me.

B2: I can't go on forever. Sooner or later, I will succumb to this Mold. I want you to remember me now, not-

B1: I will 2. For as long as we can, I'll keep you here and as B2. And as your B1, this is an order. You are to stay here with me okay?

[They take a deep breath again before whispering]

B1: Just... let me be selfish a bit longer. I want to remember the one I love for as long as I can. Please...

[silence is heard between the both of them as, distantly, B4 is heard getting increasingly more panicked. The building rumbles just in time for B2 to let out a shaky breath.]

B2: [whispering back] fine... fine.

[they take a step back as B1 lets out their own sigh]

B1: good, now get to B4. We'll be heading down soon.

B2: got it chief.

[B2 is heard leaving as B1 gets back to typing]

\u003erecording ends


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