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293 main recording: 20
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Input Log Dates
Author :SharpJester
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293 main recording: 20

\u003elocation: the elevator

[B4 is heard pacing as they mutter beneath their breath. Pausing only briefly, presumably to check outside, before resuming

B2 is then heard running towards them which causes B4 to immediately raise alarm.]

B4: what the hell are you doing here?

B2: I, fuck I don't know. B1 wouldn't let me do it.

B4: don't tell me that self-sacrificing fuck is going to leave me with you.

[there is a pause, presumably for B2 to be glaring at 4]

B2: [in a sneering tone] No. they said that they are not going to leave me alone. 1 might be setting up a timer.

B4: Yeah, uh-huh. Alright. And keeping you here is setting us up for another timer.

B2: don't push it 4. I didn't want to be here. I wanted to take over for 1 but they're not going to let me.

B4: [sighs] figured as such. Considering how they aren't going to let up the whole D4 thing.

[B4 continues to pace, muttering again, before footsteps are heard walking out of one of the units. B1 chucks something towards the elevator before they picked up the bleach and began to pour again. Both residents rush to grab at what B1 threw and, soon, pulled it into the elevator.

B4 promptly opens it and lets out a sign of disapproval]

B4: /paper?/

B1: Files. [they begin to step backward, making sure to cover the floor with bleach wherever he went]

B4: what the fuck are we doing with this extra weight 1!

[B1 promptly dumps the rest of the bleach before chucking its container down the hall. They pick up another container just as they entered the elevator, dumping most of its contents in the space before the elevator doors.

B1 grunts as the last of it are poured before promptly chucking it down the hall as well. They lightly shove 4 away as they pushed a button, the elevator dings in response as the doors come to a creaking close. The room becomes silent as B1 takes a deep breath before presumably turning to look at their two residents]

B1: It's the files I kept from the Trial. It doesn't hurt to have something, anything, of what they told us to do.

B2: You kept these?

B1: [chuckles before sighing] Didn't think I'd end up using them.

[the room falls silent as it becomes apparent that the elevator wasn't moving just yet.]

B4: ...1?

B1: yeah?

B4: What are we going to do.

[B1 is unable to respond at first, taking the time to take his breath]

B1: I've... [they glup] I've set the timer for 30 minutes. 30 minutes is all we get to get the kid and hunker down. I don't think we'll be able to make it through to the A level before the power cuts out again. Luckily, I believe that elevators work on their own power. So, at the very least, we'll have this place while we wait for the main building to get back online.

B2:... what if the power doesn't come back on?

B1:... i don't know.

[silence again before B4 creates an outburst]

B4: THis is fucking crazy. This. is. fucking. crazy. We're going to die, I don't see a way out of this.

B1: we have to do something B4.

B4: I didn't think something means this 1! Being stuck in a tiny ass room with no waste buckets, bare minimum rations, and worse, a fully infected person! Also D4? Really? Who's to say the molded hasn't been replying to you!

B1: Well there's no knowing until we get there right?

B4: But this 1?

B2: would you rather starve off in our level then 4?

B4: NO! I don't want to be back there but I-this-we can't! We can't survive this!

[silence falls again before 1 takes a deep breath]

B1: I know you're scared. I am too. But we just got to keep moving forward and see this to the end.

[the group falls into silence before B1 steps towards the controls again]

B1: I'll get the disposer ready, B2 and B4. You need to grab the kid. We're their only hope.

B1: [they take a shakey deep breath] Whatever happens, happens. Are you ready...?

B4: But we don't have choices right now.

B2: I'll do my best. For everyone.

[B1 gulps again before pressing the button.

The elevator jumps back to life as it dings, soon rumbling its way down the shaft and towards the bottom level.

There is tense silence as everyone seemingly held their breath. B1 can be heard fiddling with the disposer as they awaited their destination.

They waited.

Then waited.

Distant rumbling and groaning can be heard as they pass the C level. The building shaking and groaning and it isn't sure if it was from the mold itself or from the elevator from being used after laying dormant.

Eventually, the elevator comes to a rocky stop as it dings. Signifying it was on the final level.

At first, it was silence. B1 seemingly hesitant to open the doors.

Then a sound can be heard from just outside the door. A soft whimpering. All three B level residents can be heard making several sounds of confusion and surprise. The entire building violently rocks as a loud screech can be heard from down the hall causing the person outside the doors to sob out in retaliation.]

B1: shit hold on kid- opening now!

[B1 slams the button as the door slowly creaks open. A small cry, now more audible, can be heard at the foot of the door as B1 unloads their disposer at the end of the hall. This elicits a reaction from the survivor]

????: NO! NO! DON't hURT HER!

B2: come on 4!

B4: right.

[B2 begins to drag the survivor inside the doors, gasping upon inspecting them, as B4 gathers the supplies they left outside. THe building violently shakes again as the molded at the end of the hall screams, this time more human-like than anything. B1 simply curses, rushing to reload the disposer before shooting again. Their hand slams on the buttons as the doors begin to close. several loud thumping can be heard, starting from down the hall, as the molded is presumed to be running towards the elevator]

B4: B1, B1! It's coming!

B1: [curses as they continue to rain bullets into the molded] I know I know! Come on the door come on! [their other hand continues to slam the close door button]

[The molded screams again, closer than ever, and slams into the doors just as it closed. Just like before, it appears to be screaming something.*

Within seconds, B1 slams another button as the elevator begins to shake it's way back up.

Several moments of silence are exchanged during this time as everyone pants in relief. Trying to understand what just happened.

It slowly becomes apparent that the survivor was passed out due to their incoherent muttering beneath their breath.

B1 sighs, turning to look down, as both they and B4 let out loud gasps of shock]

B1: holy shit...

B4: How the fuck-wasn't this supposed to be D4?!

[B1 gulps as they crowd around the form of the survivor]

B1: it was. But it isn't... No that... That-

B2: B1, how did a child get in here?

\u003erecording ends.


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