Isekai Blacksmith
1 00 Epilogue
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Isekai Blacksmith
Author :hnharima
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1 00 Epilogue

I like to cheat.

I mean that I like to cheat in games, especially eroge. I did it for plot though, if you know what I mean 😏

Mostly I use ch**t eng**e or spo****Al to get plenty of things to win.

By the way, my name is Harry. Not related to Potter family, of course. I live in Japan, because my parents work here, before left me here alone for other jobs.

I like games, animes, and things related to it but for God sake, I'm not an otaku. I'm sure of it, tee hee~

In my highschool, which I in second year, I got plenty of friends that have same hobby, mostly weird geeks, yet riaaju (normies). Don't ask me if I got a girlfriend, because I got one. I don't know if this relationship will work, but mostly I will be dumped by her later on.

One of my closest friend, Ushio is the only one who still together with his girlfriend, which is his first love. Kenji and Yusuke are both handsome fella but with a weird personality, so I guess they were same situation like me. Wait, I'm a normal everyday person, so I guess the girls that I when dating dislike my hobby.

I always thought that my highschool life will end like others. You know, same scenery, same road to walk and going back to my house and there no one waiting, except my friend that screwing around. Yet, I was wrong.

Never a second in my thoughts, Ushio, Kenji, Yusuke and I were summoned to other world!
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    《Isekai Blacksmith》