Isekai Blacksmith
2 01 Online Book
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Isekai Blacksmith
Author :hnharima
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2 01 Online Book

"Yusuke, I bought a book from Internet!" Said Ushio, suddenly after arriving at classroom.

"Ah, damn. Please tell me that is a h-book or something... I already tired with your so called magic or spell about summoned to other world!" Yusuke sounds like lazy person. But Ushio never care about him and still in mood talking about it.

"Harry, come here and look at it!" Ushio brought out the book - a thick one. Ushio, same response with Yusuke, moving near to him.

"Harry and Yusuke, I hope this will surprise you all badly..." Said Ushio.

"Hey, why I been left out?" Kenji whom sit beside Ushio, get angry because his buddy never called his name, to look at the surprise thing that Ushio brought.

"It's not important, just look what I found in Amazing site! A book that bring us to other world! I have to bid for it and manage to get it!"

"Damn Ushio, you done it again! Why your girlfriend still stick with you but not ours?!" Said Kenji.

"I still have a girlfriend..." Said Harry.

""Get explode ruajuu!!!"" Kenji and Yusuke get angry by the same time.

"By the week, you will get one, and getting dumped in other week. Well, let focus on more important things. I got this book and let's try to go to other world together!"

"How much money you spend?" Ask Harry.

"Literally zero. I just buy it without any thoughts but who cares about it? The only backside is, I need four people to do this ceremony to be summoned to other world." Answered Ushio, with stupid request.

"You guys my friend, right?"

First of all, three of them feel that Ushio going crazy. They don't want to get involved, but three of them thought if they shown the video what a crazy things that Ushio will do to his girlfriend, maybe he will taste first heart break with his love. By the way, it's Harry ideas, as he also will break with his girlfriend.

After finishing the school sessions, the gang of four wait in classroom waiting for all of other students leaving. Ushio focus on reading the instructions on the book while Yusuke filming him on his smartphone.

"Okay, it's clear now. Ushio, please do what you need to do for this 'summoning' thing" Said Kenji.

Ushio arrange the table in middle of classroom and then put the book. He open the book - with a magic circle drawings on it.

"Repeat after me guys, I have swear that I will bring peace to your world! May the light blessings us upon the new path, as us a hero who bring the justice!"

Three of them trying hard not to laugh, said the same sentence. After saying that weird spell, suddenly a bright light shine overwhelmed before they consciousness gone, and when black.
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    《Isekai Blacksmith》