Isekai Blacksmith
5 04 King Welsh V
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Isekai Blacksmith
Author :hnharima
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5 04 King Welsh V

Once there was a hero who slice through with a mighty sword.

Once there was a hero who thrust with a mighty spear.

Once there was a hero who penetrate a the enemy with a mighty arrow.

Thus, those heroes whom bring the victory, help a man who became a great king of the past!

King Welsh childhood were filled by this story. The secret that never been told to others. The king ancestors were helped by the heroes to build the kingdom.

Yet, the heroes name never come up. The first king never wrote the names of the people who helped him in the past.

Why? The heroes themselves never dreamed to be written their names on the history.

They are the people who came from other world.

When they were summoned to this world, this world are nameless and uncivilized. They helped the first king to build a kingdom by bringing the civilization to human.

Human always been cast by other tribe, like elves, drawfs and beastmen. The heroes shown the human that together, they will become stronger.

After founded the kingdom, the three hero begin their campaign in order to fight demon. They won by teaching the humans how to fight, planning and to win the war.

The heroes, whom not born in this world, too fond to other tribe. They always excited with elves ears, 'nekomimi' thing and the ability of drawfs.

So, this four tribe tolerate each other and fight together in demon war.

The alliance won finally and the first king were hail as greatest hero. The kingdom became prosperous and the human side reign the world that name by heroes - Thrae.

This is the real history of Tiamat kingdom. After the death of heroes, the alliance broke up and Tiamat kingdom are sole for humans.

The current king, Welsh the fifth, have taken the same foot steps like his ancestors, to summon heroes.

Firstly, he command his followers to send book of oath to other world. The book are the key to the summoning process.

It's forbidden to summon heroes by force. Hence, by only the heroes themselves agree, the summoning will happen.

Welsh happy because the process when smoothly. Yet, the face of his show different.

Why the heroes that summoned not three but four?!
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    《Isekai Blacksmith》