Isekai Blacksmith
6 05 Isekai Hero
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Isekai Blacksmith
Author :hnharima
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6 05 Isekai Hero

I always dreamed that one day I will become a hero in other world. Like the main characters in light novel, fighting the demon king, fall in love with the princess and get the fame.

I have tried plenty of things to be summoned by other world. I seek lots of info on that in Internet and one day I got an email that said I got the opportunity to get what I wish.

Without paying any cent, the weird package arrived at my house.

I opened the package and found a book inside. 'Book of Oath' - the title of the book that I got.

Whitout delay, I brought it to the school and shown to my friends.

Kenji, Yusuke and my foreign friend, Harry as always doesn't believe me at all. Yeah, I know that I have keep buying a weird things in the past, but I sure this is the real deal.

Kenji and Yusuke are my best buddy since I was a kid. I met Harry in middle school. His birth place in Belgium, but living in Japan at most of his life.

My best but stupid friends are ultimate otaku. While been a handsome person, they always focus on anime, manga and games rather be with their girlfriend.

I got myself a girlfriend but the reality are not as you think. Shizu is yandere. Even my best buddies at ignorance about it.

That's why I'm hoping that this thing will work!

Good bye Shizu! I don't need to reply within 5 minutes anymore if you texted me. I don't need to worry to speak with the female anymore, even the little girls or elder women!

"F**k Shizu!!!!!"

But first thing I see after being summoned is a face of a group of uncle - with a weird situation.

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    《Isekai Blacksmith》