Isekai Blacksmith
8 07 Three heroes.
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Isekai Blacksmith
Author :hnharima
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8 07 Three heroes.

After being summoned, the three hero with his friend invited to the palace and enjoy the stay. It's planned that the heroes will celebrated by the nobles and royal, which exclude the Blacksmith, the heroes friend.

Prime Minister and the king had a quick discussion on how to handle the left over, but at the end, both agreed to let the Blacksmith enjoy himself in this country. All three heroes were introduce to the knights so they'll trained by the them.

Three day later, the Blacksmith left the palace and start living in the capital city of Tiamat, Krantor City.

The heroes start their training and shown a potential become great hero. The sword hero, Ushio is the most promising but others doing great too.

The crown prince, Albion also join the group and trained together. In royal family, King Welsh have only one prince and seven princesses. The first princess is war goddess in this country, the leader of the knight of Flower, one of mighty knight squad in the kingdom. Her name is Princess Titania Von Archduke de Tiamat.

Prince Albion were threatened by the first princess as she also a Archduke, higher position then crown prince. The only bet is to get friendly with the heroes so he can get some reputation for fighting the crown. Fortunately, Titania hate the heroes by saying they doing training for fun not for war.

Titania defeat the heroes easily then left the knight barracks without any word. The six princesses that watch the duel, also unimpressed with the heroes, give cold response to the heroes.

The prince happy that all the princess won't use their charms to seduce the heroes and overthrow him for the throne.

The prince actually became replacement of other heroes friend that leave them because his status as ordinary commoner.

The heroes finished their training after 3 month and will challenge the dungeon to level up. The prince decided to join them so he can get stronger with them.

"Al-kun, are you sure to join us?" Asked Ushio.

"Yes, I can use healing magic for starter!"

"But Al-chan, you are the freaking crown prince!" Kenji added.

"....." For some reason, Yusuke keep silent with holding his breathing.

"..... Please....." The trap... crown prince with big lovely eye, plead the heroes.

Three of them wonder why the prince, not princesses, willing to act cute to them.

""".... fine..."""

After that, Yusuke broke his laugh and the prince pouted for a while.
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    《Isekai Blacksmith》