Isekai Blacksmith
9 08 The Redo of Yusuke
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Isekai Blacksmith
Author :hnharima
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9 08 The Redo of Yusuke

Why me became hero, not Harry. He is my role model and hero for all I know. First time I met him when I begin my middle school. Harry is rare existent which he is foreigners in Japanese school. He got blonde original color hair and green eyes.

For starter, I never talk with him. I can't speak English, and more of all, I'm a competent otaku. Yusuke and Ushio has same opinion, and I will maintain this status quo for awhile.

One day, we were stopped by some bad guys. They want our money, which we save to buy a new popular er-..... I mean game that recently came out. Maybe it was string of fate, Harry confront the bad guys and fighting alone.

After that, we begin our friendship, as he also a otaku, but never admit it. He also on the way to buy the er- .... full of plot game and met us at the middle.

His parents are martial arts practitioner who travel around the world to experience the martial arts around the world. Harry family living in Japan when he were 4 years old.

When he finished his primary school, suddenly his parents decided to go to Southeast Asia, but leaving Harry here in Japan.

Harry leave practically alone while he living with his aunt, because she rarely at home at all. Meeting Harry maybe my sweetest moment as his house become our secret base.

He teaches us how to manage ourselves so we become more confident. Thanks to him, even we are otaku, but we still living our life like riaaju.

He always wake early for morning jog before going to school. We join him and start more healthy life. The funniest thing about Harry is he as bad as us in English. Though his Japanese and History mark in exam are much better then us.

After summoned to this world, I learned that Harry doesn't have Hero occupation in his profession status. The more ridiculous is his job, Blacksmith is the one of lowly profession and never useful in fighting. To make it worse, he has only two Blacksmith skill, such as Item fuse and Item upgrade.

When we do special check up for our status and skill, this is were shown on the special board:

Yusuke (Hero Level 1)

HP 1000/1000

MP 200/200

Stamina 100/100

EXP 0/1000


STR 100

INT 100

ACC 100

AGI 100

Luck 10


- Spear art skill Lv 1

- Holy spear practitioner Lv 1


- Hero special (stat up)

- Spear mastery


- Language comprehension

- Blessings of the light

- Hero of spear

Harry (Blacksmith Lv1)

HP 100/100

MP 20/20

Stamina 10/10

EXP 0/1000


STR 10

INT 10

ACC 10

AGI 10

Luck 10


- Item fuse Lv 1

- Item upgrade Lv 1


- Language Comprehension

- Numbering

What the heck is going on? Poor Harry with his status!
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    《Isekai Blacksmith》