Isekai Blacksmith
10 09 The Journey Begun
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Isekai Blacksmith
Author :hnharima
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10 09 The Journey Begun

Yusuke ask me to stay, but at the end, I'm not a hero. Ushio support my decision and Kenji just keep quiet, maybe can't make any argument to deny my choice.

The minister have informed me to leave the castle and start a new life in main city of this country. I met the king and were given 100 gold, plenty of clothes, a set of armor, and a sword.

After receiving the compensation, I have been shown the way out by the official. In front of the castle gate, three of my friends waiting there for last good bye. In a sense, maybe. Who knows?

"Harry, are sure?"

"I can't think any better of that, I'm sure, Yasuke..."

"Thanks for everything you do for us, Harry," said Kenji.

"No biggie, take care of yourself..."

"I have to return back the word to you. Please be safe..." Ushio put his hand on my shoulder.

"I'm not planning to die, so it's okay...."

The palace guards guide me to the city by riding horse cart. They sent me to guild building to register as a adventure.

It's seem that I don't need to pay taxes by being a adventure, but still have to complete at least 50 missions per year. If you fail to achieve this target, you need to pay 10 gold, which is an amount to feed a family of five in a year.

I registered to receive my guild card there so I can see my status easily. It's seem that I were exempted to pay the fee for registration, which is about 10 silver.

Last night, before I ended here, I have learned that I have a special skill called Numbering. I actually know what the skill is after meeting with the administrator. Actually, I thought that all of us met the lousy guy, but it seems that only I have done it.

The guild card is so interesting, because it can be used as a wallet. You just touching the card with your money and boom, your money will kept in the card.

The lowest currency here is 1 copper. 100 copper is 1 silver. 100 silver is 1 gold. So, the amount shown in the card is 100G 0S 0C.

Do you know about hacking game for getting more gold such as ch**t en***e? Its a same thing with my skill, Numbering.

I can change all amount of things that I own. First, let's change my money amount.

1000000G 0S 0C

F**k, I'm filthy rich!

By the way, the registration officer that helps me to apply my guild card are not beautiful lady or cute beastmen or sexy elven, but old hag with hot temper.

She spoke so loud as I can relate her with one of my favorite comedy sitcoms character, which is the mom of MC best friends, whom is a astronaut.

After leaving the guild whitout meeting any template event ( bully by the way), the guards left back to the palace. As for me, I search the hotel that been recommended to me by the guild members for my accommodation.

I met the owner of the hotel, and pay 1 gold for a month stay. The room is not bad, and have a bathroom, hence why the price are quite expensive.

In the next day, I went out to go shopping. I went to a high class shop and met a strange people, whom is the owner of the premise.
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    《Isekai Blacksmith》