Isekai Blacksmith
12 11 Rich, Richer and Riches
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Isekai Blacksmith
Author :hnharima
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12 11 Rich, Richer and Riches

I entered the store after putting my things in the inn that I pick for my accommodation. I go to this store after recommended by the guild staff. The location not that far from my inn, and that's a great thing.

"Can I help you sir?" A (finally) beauty staff of the shop show up and welcoming me to their premise.

"I need plenty of things..."

"Follow me good sir, our boss will provide you with anything that you want, sir..."

"Okay, after you," I followed the girl. She guide me to the office, quite a time to arrive there. She knocked on the door and waiting for response by her boss.

"Come in." Simple words sounded and we enter the room.

"Pleased to meet you, sir. I'm the head of this company, Yomtam. You can sit here sir," said the old person, showing the special chair for me to sit.

"Thanks for your time. I need plenty of things to buy and I'm rich..."

"Sure sir, can I know your name sir?" Asked Yamtom.


"It's honor to meet you, sir..."

"Can we go straight to the point? I need something to store my things. Something like guild card that can store money."

"How about storage bag?"

"The king give me one, but limited by weights. Just putting some clothes and equipment, the beg became useless. It can be staked many things neither." I need some special storage thing so I can hack the quantities of things I have. If I can get the storage that staked same objek, I can increase it to 999.

"How about a special storage ring? But the price is 10 millions gold. Do you afford it?" Said the head of the shop. I pick up my card and change the amount of my money.

"Here..." I throw my card on the table. He picked up the card and almost screaming.

" 10 billion golds?!"

"Next, a transport!" I continued my request.

"How about magic bus, the price is 100 million golds. You don't need a horse to move it, but a monster core as it's fuel to move it!"

"Sell me that and also a best and high level monster core. Next, do you know how to hire magician so I can create a house without physical work?"

"We got a magic scroll that can be used for building a house or castle by using monster core."

"Sell me every magic scroll for building, only one by each spell."

"One scroll is about 100 thousands to 10 million golds sir.... Ah, nevermind. Anymore sir?" Yamtom still worried my financial situation but still ask.

"Any good medicine for increase my status?"

"We got a special pills to increase all of your stat. But the pills are not many and I can only sell you one of each pills for you. The strength pill, Intellect pill, Accurate pill, Agility pill and Luck pill. It's okay for you?"

"Nope, please. I need some medical one too. Any exilir or something like that?"

"Yeah, we have it, but still I can sell it only one pill."

"Do you have any material for upgrading items?"

"Are you a Blacksmith, sir?"

"Sure I am."

"If for upgrade material, we have green, blue, purple, yellow and red stone. Do you need many of it?"

"No, just one of each of the stone. Do you handle slaves?"

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    《Isekai Blacksmith》