Isekai Blacksmith
14 13 Slave
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Isekai Blacksmith
Author :hnharima
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14 13 Slave

Rycur and I arrive in front of the slave store. By the way, Rycur is the daughter of Yamtom. She is the beauty that welcoming me at Artos Store. After long discussion with her father, she guide me to here.

While I feel like someone following me, (I guess I just paranoid), I pay my attention to Rycur that become my tourist guide, explaining places on the way to that shop.

When I entered the store, the staff there don't react much, but after seeing Rycur, the worker became so polite as I want to vomit by looking of them.

Rycur engage the deals as my representative, explaining what kind of slaves that I need.

First, must be girl, female or women. Not too young and of course, not old. No limit on the races. I'm open to any type beside human, even like elves, beastmen or drawfs. But, I only need the beauty one!

Second, I need bodyguard, also a girl, beauty and have fighting skill. As much as possible.

Third, no criminals slave, prostitute or half-man (transgender) or women with lower sword. Hell no.

Any price, just name it. I am a filthy rich guy!

After the I done my business here, I separated from Rycur and went back to my inn.

I checked my things that I brought in my special storage ring. This ring can hold as much as I wanted. Here the list:

1. Magic bus 001

2. Magic scroll (castle) 001

3. Magic scroll (apartment) 001

4. Magic scroll (sewer system) 001

5. Magic scroll (building) 001

6. Magic scroll (wall) 001

7. Magic scroll (gate) 001

8. Magic scroll (tower) 001

9. Strength pill 001

10. Intellect pill 001

11. Agility pill 001

12. Accuracy pill 001

13. Luck pill 001

14. Exilir 001

15. Green stone 001

16. Blue stone 001

17. Purple stone 001

18. Yellow Stone 001

19. Red stone 001

20. Monster core (supreme) 001

And it's Numbering time!

1. Magic bus 999

2. Magic scroll (castle) 999

3. Magic scroll (apartment) 999

4. Magic scroll (sewer system) 999

5. Magic scroll (building) 999

6. Magic scroll (wall) 999

7. Magic scroll (gate) 999

8. Magic scroll (tower) 999

9. Strength pill 999

10. Intellect pill 999

11. Agility pill 999

12. Accuracy pill 999

13. Luck pill 999

14. Exilir 999

15. Green stone 999

16. Blue stone 999

17. Purple stone 999

18. Yellow Stone 999

19. Red stone 999

20. Monster core (supreme) 999

Hell yeah! I rich as hell. But I noticed one thing, that I can't hack my status!


Harry (Blacksmith Lv1)

HP 100/100

MP 20/20

Stamina 10/10

EXP 0/1000


STR 10

INT 10

ACC 10

AGI 10

Luck 10


- Item fuse Lv 1

- Item upgrade Lv 1


- Language Comprehension

- Numbering


But still I can increase my status with the special pills. Yamtom told me to eat that pills once a day for each pills. He said that its not a problem to eat different pill in same time.

I suprise that Yamtom know what I planning in these days. Well, I got a month before I started my journey, leaving this kingdom, forever.

After eating the pills, I went to the bed, and fall asleep.
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    《Isekai Blacksmith》