Isekai Blacksmith
15 14 Nekomimi at your service.
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Isekai Blacksmith
Author :hnharima
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15 14 Nekomimi at your service.

While the drawfs and elves left the first human kingdom after the death of heroes, beastmen still loyal to stay and tried to gain human trust. But, the chain of revenge never end easily.

Beastmen have ignore human for a long time before arrival of the heroes. Human live in fear because of demon reign. The invasion of demon in the world has destroyed lot of the village of humans. The human in that time uncivilized and not united under one banner before the heroes came.

The elves and drawfs have their own country while the beastmen has plenty of strength to defend against the attacks of the demon, left the human race facing extinction.

Drake, the first human king, try to get help by this three races, but at the end, they prioritize they own safety. The rage of being abandoned has created a vengeance, before the human start to united.

The heroes finally summoned, and human have gained an advantage. From further civilization to a stronger military force, the humans finally stopped the advance of the demon king. But still, human can't ended the war, and needs these three races to give final blow to the enemy.

The heroes themselves never know about the hatred that built in human races heart. That's why they found consensus not mentioned that issue and cooperate to defeat their mutual enemy.

The beastmen tribe always regret what happened in the past. They can't compete with the human anymore after Tiamat kingdom became prosperous. The beastmen tribe doesn't have technologies like humans, magic like elves and skill like the drawfs make them weakest.

They couldn't struggle anymore and lots of the beastmen fall in slavery. The poor tribe like werecat and wererabbit are the most victims in slavery trafficking.

This is how, the hundreds of beastmen, were sold in the slave shop in Tiamat. The young and pretty one stay here as the demand for them is high, while the old or unsold one will be sent to mine. That's why they always pray that someone will buy them, furthermore the economy of this kingdom not stable because of the invasion of demon armies.

Suddenly, the waiting end.

"Attention, all of you will be own by our new customer! Make sure to be polite and loyal!"

All young female beastmen that been kept in the cage, surprise that they will be sold to new master, but didn't expect that this moment will change their lives.
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    《Isekai Blacksmith》