Isekai Blacksmith
16 15 Cohabitation
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Isekai Blacksmith
Author :hnharima
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16 15 Cohabitation

I wake early for my daily routine. After doing light jogging, I ate my breakfast that prepared by the inn. Not many people here as the inn owner tell me that most of the adventurer wake up late.

After talking and finished my breakfast, I went back to my room and bath to clean my sweat. Then, I change my cloth and prepare to go to Artos Store.

When I arrive there, I can see lots of workers busting to done their own job, unlike yesterday. I can see Rycur were giving some instructions to her minions, and Yamtom focus on the documents that held by him.

"Ah, Harry, you are early. I going to get you later by sending someone. We will fulfill your needs and request as soon as possible." Yamtom smile brightly after seeing me in front of the store.

"Sir, we already secure a building for you. All of the slave that you requested have been gather there." Rycur with tired face, said to me.

"Thanks. I appreciate that. Yamtom, you got what I want yet?"

"Ordinary adamantium equipment set? Yeah, we got it in stock." Yamtom replied back.

I need that set for my training. The upgrade skill that I have can make any item became high rank.

The rank of any items or equipment are like this;

Common - Uncommon - Rare - Unique - Epic - Legendary - Divine

"Nice... Wait, what you mean about securing a building, Rycur?"

"That's a late response. We need to accommodate these slave, so better for you to have your own premise. Or rather you want them to live in inn? All together the slave is about 50 people and still increasing."

"Then, buy large building. Make sure to put your company name as the owner..." After listening to Rycur, I decide to buy my private property. It's seem easier to me for my future plans.

"As you wish, sir." Rycur left the place to do her job.

"Give me that set, Yamtom."

After receiving the adamantium equipment set, I went back to my inn to inform the owner. The owner shocked and have teary eyes when I told her, but recovered when I said that I won't ask for return money. I asked her to make 30 different bentos for me, only one of every variety. I also asked her to make a big pot of soup.

The inn lady agreed and straight away doing my request. I go to my room to pack my things. Only dirty cloth and some gifts that given by the king.

I went back to dining place and see my bento box are staking at table. I use my ring to keep the bento. The owner quite surprised and said how envy she is.

Within a hour or so, all my request were finished by the owner. I say my goodbye and return to the store.

When I get near to the store, I can see Rycur waving at me, waiting me to be there. Rycur guide me to my new place that quite far from that store. We ride the horse carriage for few minutes before arriving at the building.

Actually I wonder why in this world, the building structure are quite same to the Earth. The only difference is that the electricity replace by magic, and the pattern or design of the building is quite simple and old fashioned.

The building that I brought have 5 floors. I can see lots of slave in front the building, to welcome me, as their master.

"""Welcome home, master..."""

Ah, I can see lots of Nekomimi and yeah, a elegant beauty of elves. I'm in heaven!
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    《Isekai Blacksmith》