Isekai Blacksmith
17 16 Honey Money
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Isekai Blacksmith
Author :hnharima
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17 16 Honey Money

My name is Princess Daisille Von Baroness de Tiamat. I am the third princess, with the fourth on successor the throne. My job is to manage the financial of this country, as well as controlling budgets.

I got a rank of Baroness, but can't be compare to my elder sister, Titania. She is the Archduke, the second important person after my dear lord Father. My second elder sister, Rosellete and my younger sisters doesn't granted with rank as they never contribute for kingdom. Even my only younger brother, the crown prince, Albion never granted with a noble title.

Enough with my family, I got angry after my Lord father spend 100 golds to nonhero summoned person for him to live in this country. Such a cheapskate, but the truth is our kingdom is in the brink of doom. The worse is, our current fluid fund are now in deficit.

But in the next day, the biggest economy trader in my country, Artos Store suddenly become active in business. The flow of money have increased and lots of people getting job in the process. The most active business is slavery shop.

I heard lots of slave being unsold for quite a time, cleared by Artos Store. The nobles in the kingdom can't afford anymore slave as the budgets been tight for us. The adventure also losing their jobs as the commission is getting lower and lower.

I don't know if this is only coincidence, but I can relate to the summoned man. So, I called Rosellete to my room to gather the information.

"Now, stalker, give me a piece of your information about the man that you stalk, stalker."

"Who is the stalker?!" Rosellete yell at me.

"I have my condolences to Belldandy who have to babysit you...."

"Nevertheless, that guy name is Harry. He is quite handsome and don't put your hand on him!"

"What he do recently?"

"In the early morning, he went jogging with his glittering sweat..."


"Then, he went back to Artos new building, surrounded by the slave that Artos bought..."

"Wait, what you said? A new building? Slaves?"

"Yeah, any problem?"

"Why? Don't you think it's weird that Artos son of bitch store can afford buying a building and slaves now?"

"Why not?"

"That's why you never given any rank in nobles court. Ah, Skuld!"

"Yes, master!" My personal guard and also my captain in my knight squad call Knights of Daisy answer my summon. She is quite serious person, same as Belldandy. The difference of them are my Skuld wear special set of clothes ; a battle maid attires. Unlike my two elder sisters whom only have women on their knight squad, my knight separate into two division, the battle maid and the vanguard. All the vanguard division are male and their jobs is to fight on frontier. My battle maid is more on spying and collecting information as well as personal guards.

"Keep your eyes on the man."

"Yes, your highness." Skuld disappear from my sight after reply to my order.

"Don't put your hand on him."

"Dear stalker sister, I won't."

"Who is the stalker, goddamit!"
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    《Isekai Blacksmith》