Isekai Blacksmith
18 17 You Know What I Mean
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Isekai Blacksmith
Author :hnharima
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18 17 You Know What I Mean

Let me tell you one little secret. I am still virgin. A cherry boy. Why? Don't ask me. Ask my ex girlfriends!

I can't turn on with normal girl. You know, I prefer anime or manga-like girls. That's why when I ask my ex to wear cosplay for me, I been dumped in next days. Same as Kenji and Yusuke. Ushio quite different from us, his girlfriend weirdo.

So, today, I going to spend my nights surrounded by beauty! Sorry, that not happening yet.

The building that I brought have plenty of room so none of the girls stay together with me. Rycur show my room that design to me. Quite large and very comfortable. She asked me to use my monster core for the building. I used my supreme core, make her speechless but she recovers soon enough.

Being a billionaire, this much doesn't matter anymore. Rycur already arranged the slave room so the only problem is food and clothes. I fed the slaves with the bento box that I ask the owner of the inn to make it. Well, I can hack the numbers of bento I have and the bento keep fresh in my ring. You all will get to eat different bentos everyday in month time.

I asked Rycur to buy clothes that can be changed depends on wearers size. I smile sweetly to Rycur after listening to her suggestions. There are plenty of clothes can modify itself depends on user. One of it is battle maid attires. I almost jump excitedly but controlling myself.

"Dear my lady Rycur, thy have spoketh thou to shalt buy those wear..."

"Sir Harry, you speak so weird right now...."

I ask her to buy daily personal stuff for girls, one set of battle maid attires, lingeries, and other stuff to live here. The first priority is the maid attires!

After Rycur left, I gather all slaves to give them some talk and instructions. I am aware that they can't disobey me, so it's important to tell them do or don't things.

Not long before Dawn, one of Rycur worker have arrived and send the order that ask earlier except battle maid clothes.

The worker seem afraid after looking to my face when I heard the news, and gone like the wind when I dismiss him. The slaves are so surprise with the things that I given them but I don't have any energy to comment about it.

Before I sleep, I tried to upgrade my adamantium equipment by using my skill. I upgrade the sword first. From Common, I need about 50 green stone to turn it to Uncommon.

(- 20 MP, 5 St)

Atta boy 👌 I succeed.

But my body suddenly felt weak. I think I using my energy to upgrading it.

Let's see....

Harry (Blacksmith Lv2)

HP 110/110

MP 2/22

Stamina 6/21

EXP 0/2000


STR 11

INT 11

ACC 11

AGI 11

Luck 11


- Item fuse Lv 1

- Item upgrade Lv 2 ( Add Stamina +10)


- Language Comprehension

- Numbering

Whew... I leveled up with only one item upgrade.

I looked up at the sword. I can't see the sword stat but the sword shine a little green light. I think the sword becoming a better one.

I will improving my upgrade item skill first because my fuse item skill is much risky for me to do it.

If I failed to upgrade, the only thing happened is my stone will demolished. But if I failed to fuse my item, it will be destroyed.

Before sleep, I ate my pills, and gone to my dream world.

Still waiting for the army of maids...
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    《Isekai Blacksmith》