Isekai Blacksmith
19 18 Erofu
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Isekai Blacksmith
Author :hnharima
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19 18 Erofu

The Holy Federation of Elves once is the most powerful country in the world that now known as Thrae. For your information, the elf actually have same lifespan like human. It's go to other races. The only difference thing about elf and the human is the elf will stay their youths until the elf died. Same as beastmen, but the beastmen ability to reproduce stay until in old age. For drawfs, they aged like human, but their body will maintain the strength until the lifespan ended.

Therefore, human have plenty of disadvantage until the arrival of the heroes. Humans have rise and become more dominant in the world. Actually, the peace that the world have achieved after war doesn't bring a good news to elves.

First, the elf depends on hunting and picking fruits for foods, but the population in their country that reach almost 30 millions of people make them to import from outside.

Human have limited the exports because the war crisis have affected the elves. The prices hike and lots of mouth to be feed. The upper class citizens, the high elf rise the taxes and make it more harder them to live.

Finally, the elf can't pay the taxes will sold as a slave to human country. The biggest economic cooperation, Artos Store used to deal the transaction but lately, they become more quiet and never stood up.

The last batch of slaves that been bought by them is 9 months ago, so the higher up were restless and tried to contact the company.

Out of nowhere, the representative of the store arrived and inquiring about the slaves. Just a month ago, the rebellion have happened at the palace and the king's daughters been caught and will be sold to increase the fund.

After negotiating with the representative, they managed to get about a million golds, selling all the royal daughters and other slaves, which all of them is female.

The Holy Federation of Elves are now govern by nobles as they switched the blame to Royal for bad things like risen taxes and famine.

Yet, the problem never ended like the citizens think. The nobles try to reduce the number of people by hunting the homeless and poor people to be sent to mine.

The federation have cooperate with a new human country that be founded by a barbarians called Lukanda. The new human country have a big mine that store a magic ore, can replace monster core for energy industry. The bad side is, the mine quite dangerous as the raw ore can suck the miner magic point without the victim realise.

The elf is the best bet because they have plenty of MP. The new country have supplied the elven the magic ore that been processed by Lukanda for the labours.

The capital of federation, Melati finally became more productive and the lifestyles improve. Not because the leadership of the nobles, but elves trafficking that become more and more severe.
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    《Isekai Blacksmith》