Isekai Blacksmith
20 19 You Shalt Not Pass
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Isekai Blacksmith
Author :hnharima
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20 19 You Shalt Not Pass

It's the third day I left the palace and the fourth day I summoned to this world. I wake up early as usual for my daily routine, jogging around the place near my new place. After finishing my jogging, I when back to my building to see all the slave panicking.

"What happened?"

"We're sorry for waking up late before master. Please don't punish us hard...." The werecat, Misha, bowing down her head so many times, as others follow her.

"Stop. I will feed you all later, so clean yourself and wear your new clothes..."

"Thank you master!" I left them for my bath. I really like this world because I don't have problem to get hot water for shower. This building use the monster core as the main power so it can replace electric to generate the tools in this place.

After taking a shower and refreshing myself, went down to dining room to provide the food. The slaves are too focusing what bento will they eat today, ignore my ability to kept that much food.

Then, all of the slave start cleaning, repairs the building (for drawfs) and doing some stuff that I told them to do. Me myself when to Artos Store to get some MP potions.

"Hi sir, the battle maid attires still unavailable." The first sentence that come out from Rycur when I see her in the store.

"No problem. You do not need to be worries..."

"But your face tell differently.... Nope, can I help you sir?"

"I need MP potions."

"Em pee potions? Ah, did you mean the Mana potion?"

"Y-yeah..." I guess the word MP here not been translate by the skill.

"Just to remind you sir, the potions can only be use for 10 times a day. You will affected by the Mana poisoning if you keep using it. You have been warned..."

"Thanks for reminder. I will be careful. Give me one."

"One only?"

"It's there any problem?"

"Nope, right away..."

"Try to check any possibility my battle maid attires will arrive soon also..."

"That's impossible."

After buying the potion, I went to city market to buy my needies and preparations before leaving this country. I also buying some furniture, silverware, dining set and so on before returning to my place.

Even though it's late at noon, I enjoy my lunch with my slaves together. After all, I already bought the big dining tables, enough for all to eat together. Reality is that I just buy one, but hack it to many.

Done filling my stomach, I return to my room and doing my training to upgrade the adamantium equipment set.

I managed to upgrade it 10 times as my limited MP, but the results are not bad. I successfully upgrade the sword to "Epic" after 10 times I tried.

So now that sword will name Epic Adamantium Sword. I looked my status and suprisely my level goes up.

Harry (Blacksmith Lv3)

HP 120/120

MP 4/24

Stamina 2/52

EXP 0/8000


STR 12

INT 12

ACC 12

AGI 12

Luck 12


- Item fuse Lv 1

- Item upgrade Lv 4 ( Add Stamina +40)


- Language Comprehension

- Numbering

My status improving by taking pills and training my skill. After rest awhile, I went downstairs to meet my slaves while waiting for the dinner time.

Like always, I provided the food by passing the bento to them and heating the soup in the pot. The slaves seem restless and worries about me, but I don't mind eating food together.

I realize that when I done eating, my stamina will recover but my MP still too slow to full up. I feel more energetic then usually at night but there no such thing to be done here. While I am thinking, suddenly my door where knocked.


"Excuse me master...." A cute werecat entered my room with sexy lingerie that I brought for my curiosity.

"What is it? Any problem?"

"I came here to serve you, my master..."

"Can you add nya at the end of your sentence?"


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    《Isekai Blacksmith》