Isekai Blacksmith
21 20 Brave Hear
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Isekai Blacksmith
Author :hnharima
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21 20 Brave Hear

My name is Cuddle, a weretiger. I am one of the slaves that been brought by Master Harry. Miss Rycur as his representative, have gather all of the slave that he purchased to a big building, that own by him.

First time that I meet with my master, he thought all of the weretiger slaves are the werecat clan. Unfortunately, we as weretiger tribe only can show our might and physical by leveling. If our level still low, our physical just like a normal werecat.

The beastmen slaves that been brought by Master consist our canine family except the werecat and feline members except weredog. The two of that species popular as pet slave and often demands by the nobles and royals.

Other species always used as the labours and merchant soldier because their ability and strength. I expected that I will be ended in battlefield or working to death in mines.

I was wrong about it. First day here, we feed by nice meal and wearing clean clothes provided by our master. He divide the slave into groups of six people. He also stated 3 things to be done in a month time. The first is a cleaning service, second is adventurer job and lastly is maintainance units.

Everyday, 9 of the 10 groups will rotate the job given. The group that in cleaning services will clean the house, wash the clothes and everything that involves cleaning jobs. They also will prepare the dining tables and chairs before we eat together with master.

The groups that involves in adventurer job will register in guild and taken simple job for a day time. Most likely, we will pick hunting monster quest like killing goblins or kobolds. We also hunt the slime not for it's monster core or the guild request but as for cleaning and purifier of domestic waste.

The last job is to maintain the house while repairs any damages or broken things in the building. The dwarf girls very good in this job, but the groups were included in different races. So, all of the group members must learn and know how to handle their jobs.

Like my group, there are one weretiger like me, one Hobbit, one wererabbit, one darwf, one dark elf, and one werewolf. We begin our teamwork in first day as maintaining the building. The cute darwf, Ainsley become the leader and guide us to repair the building. The building quite large, so 60 slaves and my master afford to live here comfortly and still got a room to add more slaves.

With three meals a day, delicious and fulfill, a shared room, only two persons at on room and new clean clothes, underwear and easy stuff for our job, I feel that I have been to heaven, and live comfortably now. One question that I have is why he only buy female slaves?

I decided to get near to our master. Without my roommate know what I did, I sneak out from my room. I steel myself to knock master bedroom door. He allowed me to enter and ask me for my motive. I said that I would like to serve him at the night. He requested me to end my sentence with 'nya'. As loyal servant, I have done it.


I don't remember what happened next but the fight so intense and hot. Nyaaa~~~~
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    《Isekai Blacksmith》