Isekai Blacksmith
23 22 Graduation
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Isekai Blacksmith
Author :hnharima
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23 22 Graduation

Hey guys. Especially the virgins. Look at me, I already a manly man now. With Nekomimi as my first partner, guess all of otaku will jealous at me right now. As I celebrating my first day of being graduate as virgin, I see lots of city folks looking at me like a weirdo while I doing my everyday routine, jogging around my place.

Well, I already turned the new leaf of my life and people are jealousy about my change. You bet I couldn't hide my grinning because of the happiness. The cat girl named Cuddle is so cute, especially when she ended her every sentence with nya. I couldn't stand it anymore and began my way to the path of adult. I never done it before with my girlfriend.

After the hours of fights, I ended tiring her so much, and only speak nyan nyan all of time. I aware that my stamina also spent doing the 'coitus'. When I checked my status on the my guild card, I was surprised by the skill that I gotten.

Philanderer Lv1 (Add 10 stamina, 5 Luck)

What?! A skill? With a added stat? Nice. I never thought that this would happen. Do I need to change my daily routine. Add some action at the night? Am I a harem king wannabes? Thinks again, I did buy lots of slave, focusing on the girls, of course, only beauty and cute. Artos Store really have done a great job to fulfill my requirements.

Speak of cute, I remember my current girlfriend that I left on the Earth. She quite cute and lovely too. She asked me out, so as a loner and virgin at time, I accept her confession. Aya, the name of my girlfriend, sometimes I feel unsure about her. Believe it or not, when I met or date her, there a time I felt she is like a different person.

Sometimes she aggressive, sometimes she a shy girl, but neither the less, like what people said, the beauty have lot secret. I just hope she willing to dress up for my preference in the future. I guess that just a dream that never came true.

I went back to my building and see my slave waiting for me.

""""Good morning, master-nya...""""

"Uhumm... Good morning. I will take my leave for my morning bath. Please prepare the dining room....." I went upstairs to my room while acting normally. I guess all of them know about it.

After filling my stomach, I talked to all my slaves about my planning before leaving this country if three weeks. I also adding one more schedule for the slave, to help me level up my philanderer skill.

All the slaves seem happy, so do I. After that, I went to Artos Store, but return sadly because my battle maid clothes still not yet finished. I provided lunch and eat with everyone before starting my training, upgrading the equipment.

Ten bottle Mana potion finished, and I managed to upgrade my sword to Divine rank. I feel happy for my achievement and hoping to upgrade all adamantium equipment set before leaving this country.

My level and skill have increased by 1. While it's seems a little improvement, but I still feel glad that I make it. I seem to have more stamina, so the group of six girls have arrived at my room after dinner will be in my mercy.

Ah, the Hobbits and the drawfs should call me onichan Master. Yes, with high-pitched cute voice and anime-like.
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    《Isekai Blacksmith》