Isekai Blacksmith
24 23 Jackpo
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Isekai Blacksmith
Author :hnharima
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24 23 Jackpo

After the blunt of the older generation, my father that inherit this business have to pay for the price. The bill came in due. My great grandfather passed a big debts after purchased a high technology items like the building scroll and the magic bus. These things are well received at first, but the cost to operate the thing are nothing to be laugh about.

I heard lot of nobles falling in to debt and finally being bankrupt. The nobles that been a good customers to our company have decreasing after seeing their own rank fall one and another. By the time my father take over, this company are in brink of doom. Our chain company at outside the Tiamat Kingdom also in big troubles, and tried to blame my father for this problem.


The only way to save our company is to reduce our worker. That's why I have to help my father as store keeper. Thanks to that, I never had a chance to live like a princess of biggest company in the world. It's actually nothing like our kingdom princess who have to take over the financial minister in order to save our country from bankruptcy.

One day, when I work at the shop, a handsome young fellow, I guess same age like me, have visited this place. For a long time, we have received a customer, but the main point is, does this person has money? Just before I want to show the catalogue for items that we sold here, my father give me secret signal, a magic wave, to guide him to my father.

The meeting of that stranger with my father have made me speechless and shocked. He have a 10 billion golds inside his guide card to spend in our company. My father so excited until the man, Harry required slaves at our disposal. My father asked me to leave the room so they can have a disclosure discussion. I quite disappointed but aware that their agenda are mostly contain confidential information that can't be exposed.

Actually, I feel betrayed when my father ask me to guide Harry to slave market. The reason is the list of Harry request. The main thing in the request is to buy any beautiful girls or women with prejudice. Of course, it's limited to female only. My father also explained me to look on virgins and the best quality slaves for him. The cost will be handled by Harry. Our shitty, I meant dear good customer is looking to build a gigantic harems like the boss!

My father said that he will rehire back all our best staff and workers. My father bought a big building, as the accommodation for the slaves. Actually, it's Harry who bought the most expensive building for his slaves. The building was own by a noble but can't afford its maintainance. The building can powered by monster core, but it's expensive for using continuously.

But that a**hole, I meant Harry used the monster core with supreme quality, which valued at 1 million golds for that building without any hesitation. The previous owner, the noble who govern a big territory, can't afford wasting money like him. Actually, he can't rise the taxes to increase his income because the law of this country doesn't allow it.

In these days, the man been stalked by second princess and her knight captain. The third princess join the stalker group, but not in romantic mood like the second princess. Even you want to secretly spy, please at least change your clothes, it's too obvious.

The royal family known for their awkwardness and weird. The crown prince more on princess-like, the first princess is war goddess and so brutal, the second is social awkward, the third is money monger and that's goes to other royal families.

Back to our customer, I mean shitty customer, although his face quite gorgeous, that become more scarier after his requested thing can't be done immediately. For your information, he asking a battle maid attires, with custom design by the way. The battle maid attires actually the combination of a ordinary maid clothes with some armor.

But he designed the new and refreshing one with the mini skirt, a knee socks and full of frilly thing as decorations.

I did acknowledge him as a brilliant guy, but what should I said when a man creating a women clothes? The most scary part is, everyday he will visiting my shop and ask same question;

"Its my battle maid attires done?" Your face so near and scary!
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    《Isekai Blacksmith》