Isekai Blacksmith
25 24 Life of Adventurer
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Isekai Blacksmith
Author :hnharima
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25 24 Life of Adventurer

My name is Myne, a guild receptionist just been hired. The chief of staff, Miss Olth suddenly retired after getting some reward for introducing a adventurer to Artos Store. The old hag already serviced in the guild about almost 20 years. So, with the money that she get, she allow herself to retire comfortably.

The guild suddenly hiring a few staff, after being passive before, effected by the downfall of this country economy. Me, myself were jobless in few weeks after the inn that I worked before gone bankrupt. My family is not wealth enough to support me as I still haven't married yet. Luckily, I given new job and will start my first day on this profession.

I have been responsible to manage special group of Adventurer.

Even though I said special, all of them are slaves, from the same Master. The group consist six people, with 10 groups of them. I don't know the master is rich bastard, but all of his slaves are girl - beauty while at it. My job is to get them the quest so they get promoted to better class.

The adventurer level is divided by alphabet. The lowest level is E class. The sequence of the level is SS, S, A, B, C, D and E. The main reason why the slave doing the job is to increase their Master level in adventurer class. The slave will not get any rewards or reimbursement for the quest their have done.

The guild will provide food and supplies for the quest, but the cost will be paid by their Master. I don't have any idea what the Master is thinking about. I never got a chance to meet him, but I try asking the slave.

"Miss Cuddle, would you have a moment please?"

"Yes miss receptionist, may I help you..."

"Just call me Myne. Could you tell me about your master?"

"... Master-nya.... I'm sorry... Uhum... He is incredibly kind and generous with us as his slaves. He always feed us with nice food, of course lot much better than the guild provide..."

"Sorry for that..."

" No, I mean my master is lovely person and care us so fondly. I remembered the night, being held in his arm-nya~"

"Stop that enough!"

"But, that is the best part!" Green, one of the werefox slave, enter the conversation.

"Yeah, that right!" All the slaves response.

The master of the slaves seem have been deified by them. Well, I tempted by kindness of the master. After the groups went to do their quest, I greeted by a famous adventurer, the fourth princess, Lilithies de Tiamat.

"Hey new receptionist, what's up?"

"Your highness, the princess. I ..."

"Stop, I'm not a princess right now. Just a normal Adventurer. No need for your polite and respectful words."

"Yes, princess."

"So, I want to know about the slaves that been active in adventurer recently."

"That is confidential information. Sorry my princess..."

The SS class adventurer princess keep silent, looking at me seriously. I gulped at the seriousness of the princess, staring dagger at me. After a while, the princess close her eyes, and release long sigh.

"Well, see you..." The princess left me, and went outside from the guild meeting. The only person that can face the first princess, the Archduke princess, in the battle is Lilithies. But she never want to enter the army and her knights only exists in the name. The only member and the captain of her knight is Urtd, that been forced to help Titania in the battlefield.

After finishing my task, I return to my house that quite from the guild. I take my time slowly walking along the path to my house. I can see the biggest store in the city, Artos Store buzzing with their business. The city are alive again, after being passive for years.

Near my house, it's former noble large building that been abandoned for God knows how many years. The building also been revive and I guess new nobles staying there. I can see the second princess and her knight, looking to the building far away and the third and fourth princesses arguing something and ready to fight in the death match battle.

No, I don't see anything. Not at all. I just need to go home, eat and sleep....
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    《Isekai Blacksmith》