Isekai Blacksmith
29 28 The Sword Girl
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Isekai Blacksmith
Author :hnharima
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29 28 The Sword Girl

After rising all of my equipments to Divine rank, it's time for me to used the fuse item skill. The fuse item skill is combination of two same stat, quality and rank item, such as equipments, to reach +1 item. Let's say my 2 adamantium divine ranked sword combined with my fuse skill, it became +1 Divine Adamantium Sword. I used my white stone for increasing my success in fuse, but I still miss sometimes. I have successfully fuse it +5, but failed plenty of time.

The prices for the failure is your item will destroyed. I never worried about that. I can multiply my things before fuse it. Whenever When I successfully fusing it, I multiply the item as much as I want to. My room became mess with the pieces of destroyed sword that been failure. I guess I will ask my lovely maid to clean up the mess.

I checked my guild card, the fuse skill only used 5 MP and 5 Stamina. Way to go. After finishing my Mana potions quota for a day, my status now like this;


Harry (Blacksmith Lv10) ∆

HP 420/420

MP 0/244

Stamina 100/ 274

EXP 1500/512000


STR 32

INT 22

ACC 22

AGI 22

Luck 52


- Item fuse Lv 10 (MP +100, luck +10)

- Item upgrade Lv 15 (Stamina +150)

- Philanderer Lv 6 (Stamina +60, luck +30)

- Earth martial arts Lv 1 (Strength +10)


- Language Comprehension

- Numbering


My HP and MP increase, but why it's add 100 more than my status should be? I looked up to the level and found a sign left of it. (∆) Maybe that's the reason my MP and HP increase. I leave my room for dinner and eat together like always with my slaves. Before I engage my training with the girls, I asked them to clean up my room. Then we begin our en garde, in world that full of carnage and delightful.

In the next day, Yamtom and I have a meeting together after my breakfast and he send the things that I ordered earlier. I give him plenty of golds for his service and went home. I see Rycur on my way home, but I just went through with out greeting her. I return to my house and have lunch with the slaves like always. After filling my stomach, I go upstairs to my room.

I begun my fuse skill training and try to combine my sword into +6. Thanks to my endless white stone, I managed to upgrade my sword and reach +10. When I tried to fuse it to +11, I successfully done it in first attempt. The good thing is the sword got magic element, the water. I try another without white stone and still success. This time I got light element. I do some more fuses and combination until I get 4 more element, fire, earth, wind and dark to complete the collection. My MP depleted and my Mana potions quota ended, so I wrapped up my work. I ate my dinner together with my slaves, have some fun and sleep after full of tiredness.

Today has written on my calendar as I have been living in here, the other world for 15 days. I doing my daily routine as always and eating breakfast after that. The foods still provided by me, but slowly but surely I will have them to cook for me and themselves.

I decided not to go to the store as always, but focusing my training to level up my skill. I tried to fuse plenty of time, for each element that I successfully completed yesterday. I focusing my light element sword first, and tried to fuse it to +20. With my higher luck and my unlimited white stones, I achieve what I hope for, a +20 divine light element Adamantium sword!

But when I want to fuse up to +21, it requires a monster core! It's suddenly come up on my mind. I bring out my supreme quality monster core but still I can't fuse it. But, what if I combine the monster core? I tried it at first and failed. But in the next try, using my white stone, I managed to fuse it and become monster core (divine). My goodness, I successfully completed it!

After hacking it's quantities, I use my fuse skill again, and combine my swords with the monster core. Suddenly, the bright light shine, blinding me, before I heard a voice.

(Please add a name)

"Aeriss..." That name appears in my head, spontaneously.

(Aeriss, you master has summoned you. By the name of light, you loyalty belong to him!)

After that, my sight return and I see a little cute girl, in his birthday suit, appear in front of me.

"Are you my master?"

No, no, no.... You not Saber, aren't you?
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    《Isekai Blacksmith》