Isekai Blacksmith
30 29 When Nature Call
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Isekai Blacksmith
Author :hnharima
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30 29 When Nature Call

We living in middle of jungle for our training become a great hero. I, Yusuke, right now, relaxing in our house that been created by magic. My friends outside the house, training with the trap prince, I mean, crown prince on our finally appreciated holiday after we left the palace to challenge the real situation of the war and leveling up our status.

By the way, our accommodation now quite nice, with bath and toilet, and very helpful for me and my friends that came from modern world. It's scared me to do out daily things openly in the nature. But all the good things came with a price. When I speak about magic, it's not something that you can do easily like in the movie, manga or animes.

Let's say that you want to light a fire wood for camping in the middle of the night in jungle. One fire spark need 100 MP, with only the heroes like us, the royal magician and the adult elves afford to use that. In other word, the magic are suck in this world, and most all magician here like one time usage things, that render uselessly after release a magic attack. I would like to compare that situation to some arcwizard character with explosion magic as her specialist. Anyway, the magic usage so limited and most of them couldn't join adventurer as their gold mine. The magicians profession is the least people who involved on it, and most of the time, the magicians only conduct research and development using monster cores for advancement of kingdom technologies.

That's why monster core in demand because of its usefulness to generate Mana. The core itself have categories by it's quality. The lowest quality is normal, high, best, supreme and the most rare one, divine. The house we living in created by magic scroll, witch needs some monster core to build it. It's depends on the choice of user how big the house is, corresponding to the usage of the monster core.

If only a small house, we just need two or three normal monster core, which come from the monster that level between 5 to 20. Even though our level still low, we can manage to kill that kind of monsters within that level range, but still, not all of the monster have the core. We need a bigger house to accommodate four of us, including the trap prince. That's the most challenging thing that we have to face.

First time we arrive on the site, our beloved crown prince tried to ask his sister to provide us the monster core to build our base. We hope to secure it as soon as possible, because the travel to come over here by horse carriage ride was terrible experience. The time we need to travel here is about 3 days, and we have to camp outside with sleepless nights. The answer of our first princess is;

"Go suck it for yourself!"

What a vulgar princess. Luckily, at the time, there were a rush of monsters and we participate it to get our cores. We managed to gather 20 normal monsters core, after killing more than 100 monsters, which enough to build a comfortable house for us. This bring us two news, a good one and a bad one.

The good news is we have a place to stay and the bad news is we need more monster core to power up the house. In these days, we hunt plenty of monsters to make sure that we got all the energy we wanted. The house is quiet same as the Earth building, but only if the electricity exists here.

After the struggle, we managed to get a rest time, which means today. I miss my buddy, Harry so much, but to be honest I don't have any homosexual interest at all! As a virgin buddies, together with Kenji and Ushio (not really sure about Ushio that being missing for several days before), our friendship will always growing and closer even we far away.

I always believed that Harry has a special power himself and separated from us in order to help us. I also trusted him to help us after we get caught in the middle of the trouble. His situation remind me some character that have unique magic that summoned together with heroes. He travel alone and become true hero by his word magic. But, this world suck for magician, so I thought it wasn't possible for him.

I have learned that even we don't have talent in this world, we can gain skills by working hard. As example, our trap prince doesn't have any any fighting skill, but after training with us, he gained some skills. If Harry join us, he can also gain skills to fight. I felt regrets about Harry decision, but I do believe that he has some plan for us to cope with our enemies.

By the way, this is my status now;


Yusuke (Hero Level 7)

HP 3000/3000

MP 600/600

Stamina 600/600

EXP 50000/128000


STR 300

INT 300

ACC 300

AGI 300

Luck 10


- Spear art skill Lv 7

- Holy spear practitioner Lv 5


- Hero special (stat up)

- Spear mastery


- Language comprehension

- Blessings of the light

- Hero of spear


- Set of hero equipment.

- Spear of Heaven and Earth

(All of the equipment is epic ranked)

(The set give bonus attack, critical hit 30%)

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    《Isekai Blacksmith》