Isekai Blacksmith
32 31 Princess Bride
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Isekai Blacksmith
Author :hnharima
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32 31 Princess Bride

The guild building has three floors high with the specific usage and places. The ground floor is a place for guild registration, quest transaction and hangout bar with fellow adventurers while having drinks. The second floor is for entertaining their special guest, the documents store, the guild card production unit and administrator office. The third one is the location of the guild master office and a special room. This special room is specifically for having spar or duel between higher rank of adventurers.

Today, the fourth Princess, Lilithies and Harry, a newcomer with the fastest record gaining SS rank, will having duel together with the guild master as the witness. The guild master who rarely shown herself in public, will join them on that duel. She is Arranjar, legendary SS rank adventurer who eating immortal pill and become everlasting young even her age now already reached 130 years old.

Arranjar never met Harry before because the king not allowed her to do so. The Artos Store also has negotiate with the guild to allow the man slaves to represent him for guild quest. Most funny thing is that man paying the guild to let his slaves doing plenty of quest, until he promoted to SS rank. Even Arranjar is the guild master, she can't intrude the situation and just let the process goes through.

All of the slave are quite strong. They managed to kill level 30 monsters with a group of six person. After the slaves wearing the battle maid attires, suddenly they become more stronger and finally done a SS rank quest mission.

The slaves achievement are after they successfully attacks and defeats one of the old city that been made by the monsters as their nest. Even though the location are quite far from the capital city of Tiamat, but they managed to finish it in only one day. Arranjar couldn't believe it, but have to accept after they show up the city core that left on that place.

The city core are ridiculously expensive, but the guild couldn't take the core because it out of the quest instructions. They only need to destroy the monster nest. Arranjar herself don't have that power to destroy the monster nest that fast. The 4 group of slaves have made it easily, and their master promoted to highest level in adventurer rank only in two weeks!

Today Arranjar have a great chance to look at the man of the topic, Harry, to measure his strength, ability or so whatever, that makes him dominant and powerful in this field. Its begin when Lilithies met her and ask her to grant her permission to use the special room for duel. Arranjar immediately agreed after listening Harry names, the man that always been mystery to her. She brought them to the special room, then she step up in the middle of Lilithies and Harry, giving instructions before the fight.

"First thing that I want to say, no killing. The rules of winning is other party give up, faint, or when I feel that it over. You understand me, you guys?"

"Can I use my armor and weapon?" Ask Harry.

"Of course. But where your weapon and armor? Do you want to borrow from guild?" Said Arranjar.

"I already bring it. This is my weapon," Harry put his hand on the little girl shoulder, proudly said that.

"His ability is hiding behind the girls. I don't mind, come together and face me!" Lilithies making fun of him, but the man himself doesn't feel bad.

"Thanks, I will."

"So can I start the duel?" Ask Arranjar.

"Wait, I need to wear my armor. Come out, my armor!" After Harry spoke the word out, suddenly his body covered by armor. The whole body now covered by fighting equipments like boots, head gear and so on. His equipment is not ordinary one, but so special and even made from adamantium!

"W-what?!" The fourth Princess shocked by suddenly armored Harry, and let the word out.

" Okay, Esthia! Become my sword and destroy my enemy!" The surprise moment doesn't end just with armor. Suddenly the young little girl change into a majestic sword, held by Harry.

"A-are you the real hero?!" Lilithies said a taboo sentence loudly to Harry, making Arranjar became more shocked! In the first place, she never heard any news about heroes being in the country. The second one is are heroes really exist because all of their story were mention as people folk or fantasy genre.

"No, why would I?" Harry answered with calm. He doesn't even panic when the fourth Princess said he is a real hero.

"You been summoned together with the heroes, right?"

"What you sprouting about is the national secret and casually mentioned that so loud." When Harry said that, Lilithies looking at Arranjar.

"Sorry Arranjar, I have to kill you!"

"Wait, wait, wait! Why should I killed by you?! You telling the forbidden secret by yourself!" Arranjar became panic. She knows that Lilithies is the strongest adventurer in this guild and country. She also known as the reckless person who can do anything to achieve her target!

"By the way, why you call him a real hero?" Arranjar try to change the topic, and ask Lilithies.

"Look at him. He got gift by the God, a divine sword and ultimate equipments! The current heroes equipment are crap to compare with him. Oh, God, I really have to kill you Arranjar..." Lilithies raised her sword and prepare to attack.

"Oh damn! I promise not to tell anyone! I swear to God and my name as guild master!"

"Let's stop the duel..." Harry getting tired of the comical dialogue between Lilithies and Arranjar, wanted to go home.

"Yes dear master...." Lilithies kneel down politely like she present herself to the king.

"What are doing, Lilithies?!" Asked Arranjar. She is so confused as to see why a royal Princess kneeling to commoner.

"If you don't want to die, kneel!" After listening to the thread, Arranjar follow the fourth Princess action.

"Dear oh dear.... what should I do now..." Harry change his attires back to normal and try to figure out what he has to do with the duo now.
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    《Isekai Blacksmith》