Isekai Blacksmith
33 32 Pearl Harbor
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Isekai Blacksmith
Author :hnharima
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33 32 Pearl Harbor

The works of these new port progress smoothly. The port built in the undiscovered island, with in the east of Feuerengel continent. If this world being equated to Earth geography, the location of the port is in Japan. If this undiscovered island is Japan, the port location should be near the Kyoto.

Artos Store is the company that responsible for the port development project. Most of people that been told about the new port project probably think the Artos Store has out of their mind. The land is unknown, which dangerous and mostly full of risk. The island should be the den of monsters and no body ever claims to step in the mysterious land.

The Artos Store move to the land with powerful ship from their temporary port located at Feuerengel continent east coast. The ship is built by the drawfs, but the ship quite different than what people thought. The ship that transport the workers can even stand the sea monsters attack without any problem. The ship conducted by a group of adventurer that been posted here to help the building of new port.

The building of the port become more easier after the groups of adventurer arrived here and defending the construction place from the monster attacks. They also supervise the workers even though they themselves a slave. Actually, all the workers that involves in the construction are same like them, the slaves. The most noted things is the slaves that work there are only female which most of them are young girls. There are more than three thousand slaves, consist the drawfs, elves, beastmen and humans races. There also Hobbits slave, but only few.

Even though they were slaves, but all of them doesn't feel that they being treated like one. First of all, even though they doing construction to build a port, they only clear the land by cutting trees, clear the bushes and make sure the land flattened so the building process when smoothly. The drwafs which have better strength been ordered to cut the trees and destroy the stone block. The others will clear the bushes, make sure nothing on the land for the buildings.

After finishing their job, the slaves will provided by the adventurer with foods and clean clothes. When the adventurer finished creating the new buildings, the slaves are given the personal room for them to sleep. By the fifth days, the port completely finished and ready to get in action.

One of the slave that working in the port, Seira was a elf Princess before her royal families defeated by nobles rebellion. When she gets caught, she and her family have been sold to slave merchant. She living in the cage with other slaves at first time. Seira learned how the weakling and the poor suffering because injustice. Afterweeks, she and all the slaves that been in the same place have been sold to a rich human.

She knows what should happen to her after being a slave to human. She already accepted the fate, and keep on living shamelessly as a slave. When she heard that all the slaves will transferred to undiscovered island, she thought that she will definitely die. Moving to that island are already too dangerous for her, not to mention she has to live there. The undiscovered island and the sea route covered by the monsters.

Her expectations are out of chart. When travel to that island, the ship that brought her is very powerful and durable enough to keep them safe. They also protected by the groups of high ranked adventurer. The groups of the adventurer claim they also slaves like Seira and the rest with the same master. They represent the master and hoping the Seira groups will give more cooperation and support to them.

The adventurers always preaching at the slaves about how great their master. From what Seira interpret, the groups spoke their master as he is a Messiah or prophet that send by the God to bring happiness to them. After finishing the building and the port, Seira and all the slave given a battle maid attires, everyday needies and private room, which one room have only two persons. When first time Seira wear the battle maid attires, she feel shy and embarrassed, but the clothes itself is convenient for her. The clothes are automatically cleaned itself and always tidy. All slaves have to wear it, so in a while, it's became a normal thing and habit.

Seira and her little sister stay in the same room. Her little sister always sick because his body has been weak since her birth. After the port fully functional and complete, Seira and others never given any orders by the adventurers who represent their master. Seira and her sister resting in very comfortable room, and got bored. She and her little sister went out to familiarize themselves in the new place where they will spending their life as a slave.

While walking, Seira meet his great great great great great aunt, who has same reason with her, taking a fresh breath in the new port. Kaeira, the only high elf that exists, already age more than a thousand years. Kaeira is the only person who can make secret potion that can turn normal elf to high elf. Kaeira herself is born as normal elf, before taking the special potion. The high elves can live about 300 years, but can be longer if they consume more the potions.

The worst part is the potions can only created by a virgin high elf and the cost of the potion making is 10 supreme monster core. She have been virgin for a long time to ensure the knowledge of the making potions never end. If someone requested her, she will double the amount, as she also make for herself. One of human adventurer has requested her in century ago, so Kaeira manage to prolong her life.

Seira always try to collect supreme monster core, but her dream perish after the royals overthrown by the nobles. She feel regret because the potion she want to make is for her sister. She always sick, so with that potion, maybe she will become more healthier. She don't know what her feeling now, as she already feel like in heaven, while being slave to someone that I don't even know yet.

Before Seira has a chance to greet Kaeira, suddenly her beloved sister, Cheira pass out and her body become hotter and hotter. She screaming for help, hoping someone could help her. Kaeira advance quickly to the siblings, but stopped after seeing one of the slave adventurer in high speed, arrived at the location.

The adventurer pull out something from her ring. Seira and Kaeira shocked to see a slave wearing the most expensive storage ring in the hand of a slave. The adventurer open the potion cap and make Cheira drank the liquid. Kaeira face lost her blood, as she looking something that scary. Kaeira never thought that she will encounter elixir in her life.

Even though the elf secret potion are quite rare, the ingredients only the supreme monster core, but the elixir needs a thousand substance to create it. Even with the complete ingredients, the process making have. high risk of failure which only 5% chances to success. Seira who aware the reaction of her ancestor aunty, know that the potions not the ordinary one.
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    《Isekai Blacksmith》