Isekai Blacksmith
34 33 Isekai Blacksmith
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Isekai Blacksmith
Author :hnharima
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34 33 Isekai Blacksmith

I having some problem now. Right now, I'm sitting at the sofa seat that placed in my living room, facing a Princess, the fourth one in this kingdom, begging to me with ultimate and purest way, by doing dogera, or in position like 'orz'. All five limbs touched the earth, try to persuade me to take her as my follower.

I in delema right now. She actually quite cute with twintail tsundere hair-like character, with flattened-like body and quite short in stature. I really want her in my plan but I can't trust her completely. She could be my source of the failure, but in the same time, my triumph card.

"Please dear Master! Listen my humble plead!" She, like a broken radio, repeat the sentence again and again.

"Hmm, what should I do..."

"My lord, may I speak of my thought..." Esthia open her mouth, and asking my permission to give some advice.

"No need for formalities! Speak."

"I think we can trust her." Said Esthia.

"No, no, no! I don't agree that decision!" Aeriss voice her objective. She was moody earlier, together with my other sword girls because being left behind, even getting angrier when seeing the fourth Princess follow me to my humble but special building.

"I never thought you would agree to that, Esthia. Am I right o-ni-chan?" Said Aquaz. It's cute by the way. No, that's not the point!

"Even I know the risk having her near to our master. But she can be one of our master card or piece of his plan!" Esthia has the point.

"We can't let her betray master-nya!" Aeriss tried to mention the most worst possible can happened. I remembered this girl mouth lso loose and can't keep secrets. And Scarlett, please don't pull up your skirt slowly while keep avoiding others to notice it. By the way, it's red.

"I can curse her by my special Geass. She only need to agree what our master order and sign the contract by this magic oath," explain Esthia.

"That's right papa, I believe that is a best way to settle it, pa-pa..." Uh, Athena, don't just suddenly hug me from behind. You got some stuff huh, Athena. My back feels so delighted. Slyphie, this girl seem jealous, suddenly hug my left hand without any word. I can feel wind flow nicely and small bump touching my hand. That's my girl.

"Lilithies, if you want to become my follower, you need to agree with the Geass. Actually I need you to do something. Should you choose, I can't let you go anymore. That's my compromise on you."

"Really!? Please, I will do anything!" Lilithies face me with delightful mood after I give her my word. It's seem I have to alternate my plan.

After facing my first problem, I having my late lunch with my slaves and back to my room for regularly training of my Blacksmith skill. After successfully created my 6 element sword girls, I tried to create others humanoid magic creatures by using another weapon like spear and bow. It's useless at all. Even though I using my white stone to increase the chances to success fusing, I still failed even to fuse to +1 weapon! That's odd. My ability should increasing and my luck status are not bad at all.

After I checked my guild card, I already know the real reason of my problem;


Harry (Blacksmith Lv10) ∆

HP 16500/16500

MP 6000/7330

Stamina 8100/ 8400

EXP 512000/512000


STR 1040

INT 1030

ACC 1030

AGI 1030

Luck 1100


- Item fuse Lv 20 (MP +200, luck +20)

- Item upgrade Lv 30 (Stamina +300)

- Philanderer Lv 10 (Stamina +100, luck +50)

- Earth martial arts Lv 1 (Strength +10)


- Language Comprehension

- Numbering

- The sword special Blacksmith (Only crafting sword, not including other complex weaponry)


- Aeriss (sword of light)

- Esthia (sword of dark)

- Athena (sword of earth)

- Slyphie (sword of wind)

- Scarlett (sword of fire)

- Aquaz (sword of water)

- Set of +20 Divine Adamantium Equipments.

(all attributes +1000, HP, MP and Stamina + 6000)

(If all swords active by user, all attributes x 10)


Only for crafting sword? Damn. Wait what the meaning of not including other complex weaponry? Hmm... Out of the blue, I suddenly remembered about the characters of my favorite games, which all of them being beauty womena, while actually they represent a ship. Yeah, how about ship girls? I went out to my building backyard, which quite a big space, so I brought out my divine ranked ship that I already upgrade in these days. I can upgrade things or items even it stay on my storage ring, but not when I want to fuse it. I have to fuse it outside of the storage, and to fuse the ships, I need a hell of space for it.

Like my stereotype strategy, I fuses two ship, and after I successfully done it, I will multiply it, do the fuse, multiply it until I achieved +20 Divine ship. Like how I created my sword girls, I need a divine magic core to create the special existent, a humanoid magic creature. I successfully fuse it after seeing the bright light, and I named my first ship girl as HH 0 (Harry Heritage Zero). I will call her Rei for her pet name.

"Good day, sir Admiral! HH zero now reporting for my duty!"

"Welcome aboard, I shall call you Rei. Please wear the clothes first!"

Like my sword girls, she born without any clothes, so I ask her to wear the battle maid attires. I'm so delighted to see her wearing the clothes. I tried to create more ship girl, but I only can create only one girl for any kind of ship. That's mean, I have to look for another variety of ship, to complete my ship maidens and become the greatest admiral in this world. I should seek the treasure called one piece while becoming a pirate king. Enough with the joke. When I came to my sense, I can see my backyard mess with all failure remains.

I keep all the rubbish and waste on my ring before having my dinner with my slaves. I give some orders to Rei and one of it is not changing back to her ship form until we arrive on the sea. Maybe the sense of jealous when I created Rei, all of my sword girls become more spoilt than before. Don't worry, I love you all.
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    《Isekai Blacksmith》