Isekai Blacksmith
35 34 Final Countdown
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Isekai Blacksmith
Author :hnharima
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35 34 Final Countdown

My name is Yamtom Von Earl Artos. I am one of the few nobles that survive from the draught of negative economic growth in the kingdom. Most of the great nobles fall one by one until only a few remains. As the biggest company that controlling the kingdom market, Artos Store also have been in disaster fate, but the heaven don't forget them.

I met a guy who is a present from God, and change my company forever. He is the heroes friend, that summoned to this world together. He simply come to my shop and flaunting his financial without any care of the world. He brought all my overpriced item without a blink of an eye out for it and still want to spend much more. After listening to his request, I managed to predict what he actually aim for.

"Slave, you need slaves sir?"

"Yes, I am." He said it like that is a natural thing to say.

"Rie, can you leave me and our customer for awhile?" My daughter look at me with a weird look, but agreed to leave us.

"Yes, father..."

"Let's us sit first, after you sir." After seeing my daughter out, I invite him to sit my expensive sofas.

"Thanks. I think you already know who I am, isn't it? Who else knows about me or my friends?"

"Actually, it's a national secret and I know it because my position as a noble."

"Well, can you help me?" The man smirked. He really a cunning one.

"Sir, do you really want a slave, or not only that?" I already guess what he up to. I only need his confirmation.

"I want to leave this country in a month time and want to build my own kingdom. I need to prepare for my new country, which means I need a work force. By the way, all the slaves I need only a young and beautiful woman or girls. No man needed to in my superb plan."

"Where you plan to build your own kingdom?" I ask him seriously.

"Get me a map of this world." I brought out one of my special collection, the map of this world. This map is one and only in the world with the most accurate geographical features.

"Give me that." He snatch the map from me, roughly. Hey, be careful. But before I can voice my complaint, he returned it back to me.

"I need to know what kind the place is this." He pointed his hand on the map that show an island in the east of Feuerengel continent. Wait, I very sure that he returned back the map to me, but why he have that!?

"...What the heck are you doing..... that map... but how?!"

"Shut up, I need you to explain what I asked, not question back to me..." I sweating a lot, and try to remain calm.

"The island is undiscovered one. The place must be the den of monsters and some weird creatures."

"Listen, build a port in here and here. I need you to complete it before I leave this country." Say the man, without any hesitation.

"We need more resources and money."

"100 billion golds are enough?" What the heck, I thought he have only 10 billion?!


"It's that a question or the answer?"


"Well, please write all my request now. Firstly plenty of slaves."

"I will asked my daughter to bring you to slave market. She will be your representative to buy those slaves."

"I need ship, only one, but the most expensive and powerful one."

"But it takes a few months to travel to drawfs kingdom." The drawfs kingdom located in the mountains and take plenty of time to get there. One month its too short time to complete it. But the man never shown any consent.

"Is there any transportation that can goes more faster than normal one?"

"Magic bus, but we need plenty of supreme monster core to power it."

"Leave it to me. Just give me what that I ordered earlier." Said the man, with a bright smile.

After completing his order, we end up our meeting and send him out. He and my daughter went to slave market, and make his order. After my daughter returned, I in shock after hearing from my daughter that he brought 60 slaves in one slide. I quickly use the old building that been left by the nobles after sold it to my company to clear their debts.

The second day he come to my store, he present me a ring (same thing that he wear) that contains 10 magic busses and two stack of the supreme monster core, which one stack amount are 999 pieces. I almost screaming but I praise myself not to do it. He said he wants to buy the building that his slaves living, while still on the cover, own by my company.

I have taken some action to warn the royals not to disturb him and let him roam around freely. Later, he ask for special battle maid attires that cost 3 million golds, which I have to order it from the small village of Hobbits clan. They finished too fast as my daughter pressuring them to do so. I pitying my daughter but please be patient with your future husband. I will send my daughter to new kingdom that will be founded by that man, as representative of the Artos Store.

After the ship that he ordered finished, I send it to him and in the next day, he returned me 20 ships with divine ranked quality. I will not get surprise anymore. No, I almost fainted when he showed me the sword girls that he created another day.

To create a city or country, the founder must search for a city core. The core only dropped from a dragon, which never coming out from their den anymore in few centuries. So the possible way is to retake the old city that been abandoned after the demon attack. What that man do is making his slaves stronger by becoming a adventurer. He needs to get a SS ranked if he want to build his own guild after creating his kingdom. So, letting his slaves became the adventurer is like killing two birds with one stone!

The slaves equipment is the most powerful and expensive, as the clothes that they wears are +20 divine battle maid attires, and the sword that they held are +20 Divine Adamantium Sword with special magic element. With that equipments, the slave squadrons have eliminate the monsters in the city and claim the core.

I managed to gather about three thousand slaves after building our temporary port before travel to the new undiscovered island. While traveling with our ship to the destination, the first batch slaves of that man slaughtered all the monsters that attack the ship without any problem. I were informed that all of the slave arrived there safely and successfully create their first port in only three days. All my workers are not allowed to enter the port, leading them back to the temporary port that my company made.

The new caretaker financial minister, the third princess, meet me to aquire that man information, but as a professional businessman, I won't disclose my customer secrets and transactions. I warned Rycur not to blabber it in front that Princess, as my daughter and her highness are best friends when they studying in the same education institute.

There's only five days before he leaves the kingdom forever. I felt nothing but envy. He will rewrite the history of the world. I will support him, as much as I could!
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    《Isekai Blacksmith》