Isekai Blacksmith
36 35 Dark Matter
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Isekai Blacksmith
Author :hnharima
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36 35 Dark Matter

My name is Esthia. I am one of the mighty Princess of darkness fairy. I live in fairy realms, the world that can't be stepped by the mortals. I am already prove myself as the most powerful spirit in the darkness element, as I have been undefeated spirit in my realms. In normal case, I should gain my to throne but the only reason I will never get promoted to queen title is I don't have a master.

Every full fledged fairy must at least serve a master before we can attained our highest form. The reason I never answered any summon of any magician to bind contract with me is I hate to serve the demon side, because only them have a dark element power. I really bored in this realms and try to challenge myself to fight other realms.

I advance to fire fairy clan realm and beat some of them without any problem. While I fighting my challenger, there are some weird phenomenal around my duel field. A pillar of light suddenly appear not far from me. The pillar look like a sword, if you look at it carefully.

"Haha, the dark fairy using a light power to beat us?" My challenger accusing me using some weird power and decided that the pillar was my fault.

"The weakling never know what a true power is!" I add some insult to provoke my opponents.

After a while, their queen, Mitra of fire fairy, has face me for a duel, to protect their dignity. The fight are so entertaining for me even though I been pushed over but suddenly she stopped our duel in the middle of it, after she been told suddenly that her daughter went missing. She were known as doting mother, about to rush to her palace but stopped by the unexpected guests.

The water queen and the wind queen suddenly show themselves, to aquire their missing daughters. The empress of our realm, her holiness arrived at the scene a bit later, with the same problem, her daughter went missing too. The earth fairy queen, which have the same problem, doesn't show up, well she feel that it too troublesome to look for her daughter, and leave it to the fate. She sent someone to inform other.

They speculate the reason of the sudden missing of their child is the pillar of light that appears without any reason. The pillar actually have appear in thousands year ago, but in the palace of her holiness, summoning a holy fairy to pair with the heroes. The light pillar not one but three, and each of it represent a weapon; sword, bow and spear. The holy spirit with help and serve their master in form of weapon that they wield.

But today, the only pillar that appeared on this place is sword shaped one, and still exist even all five element Princess already went missing, assuming that they were summoned by that pillar to mortal world. Her holiness, the empress, also my childhood friend, Uthopia, look at me and said;

"It's your turn, Est. You should go too."

"Eu, I don't want to hear from you. But really, I just want to messing around, but I don't expected to answer a summon pact. But, if my wannabe master can summon my name, so be it..."

"Take care our daughters..."

"Yeah, yeah...."

Suddenly my body were bathed by light. I heard a gentleman voice, spoke my name, fondly; "Esthia....."

And that is how I meet your father. Tee hee, I just joking around with you.

I successfully summoned by a man called Harry. I fall in love with him in first sight. I can feel myself connected to him, as he just not only summoned me, but reconstruct my body so we can also appear in this world like the mortals. The great thing is we also can eat, sleep and acting like normal human. Most fairy that summoned here only can live on item like weapon, but I myself can be materialize the human body or become my master sword without any problem. I also have same organs and body parts like human when we materialize becoming a girl, which allows us to engage intimate skinship or something that our master do to her slaves every night.

The Uthopia daughter, Aeriss, named as the first sister in our sword girl group because she the first being summoned by my Harry. Next one is Athena, Aquaz, Slyphie, Scarlett and the last one is me. My so called sisters were so childish and always seeking our master attention. Well, the most important part why all of us very fond to our master is his contribute to us. Our master have present us a beautiful clothes, as the prove that he love and care about us. The more expensive and unique the present, the more love being shown. Our fairy clan determine others by their generosity.

Our present is rarest things in the world that can't be measured by ordinary way. The best thing about our clothes are it's a high ranked attires that can be changed by our will. For example, the color of our clothes is determined by our element. Me myself the all black, Aquaz blue and white, Scarlett has a fiery red with white background, Athena got herself a brown and white theme, Slyphie look lovely with her green and white while Aeriss all white pearl dress. Aeriss play dirty because her undergarments is black, which contradictory to her theme and element.

I have to behave mature and always keep in myself that I always become my master sword and readily to face and fight all of enemy that came through his path. I always keep tracking on my master activities so he will be safe and sound. Every thing that he used were kept me. I keep it in my special space storage using my element magic. For example, the towel he used everyday after bath or to wipe his sweat were kept by me. After he takes his meal, I make sure to keep the spoon or bento that he used for my collection.

I will search for my master hair on the bathroom floor or in the bathtub to expand my collection. When we going out to Artos Store, I managed to hand on his left over stick when he buy food on the stall. Aeriss managed to sense my hobby about my master collections but I have silent her with some great explanation.

I never thought that I would underestimate the excellency of my master, even I already idolize him. He managed to create his own spiritual lifeform by fusing the divine items with a monster core. No wonder a Princess kneeling on him, pleading for his mercy and wanted to become his loyal follower. When I suggested my special curse to my master, he agreed to make her as him minions, I felt proud and worthy of being my master sword and soon to be lover!

When I see the born of new spirit, HHZero or Rei as her pet name, I wonder if my daughter looks like when I spending my whole life dedicated to my loved Harry, until death apart us, while building our family. REI look so innocent and cute, as I feel like she is our fruits of love, between me and Harry. Ah, not good, my mouth drooling now!
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    《Isekai Blacksmith》