Isekai Blacksmith
37 36 My Childhood Friend is a Prime Minister
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Isekai Blacksmith
Author :hnharima
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37 36 My Childhood Friend is a Prime Minister

I finally finished my work. With my age now, I should be retired by now and playing with my grandsons or have my own relaxation time and enjoy it peacefully. Nah, I guess that won't happen soon enough. Maybe the day I slept in my coffin is the day I truly retired and rest literally in peace.

Ah, by the way my name is Albarone Von Duke de Tiamat, the Prime Minister in this country. Welsh, I mean His Majesty the king is my childhood friend and we been growing up together almost in our entire life. We are in same age, same birthday date and we learned together in same school and university.

Actually, Welsh is quite a bit of shy and passive. He also has a cute apparent, with people have mistake us as a love couple when we hang up together. For earlier years of my life, being a attendant for him make me sick because I have to entertain all his needies and his temperaments. For the God sake, he is like pussy, being a clean freak, never touch anything that he can't determine the cleanliness and of course, very passive to communicate with other people.

In our university days, which specific for nobles and gifted commoner who got scholarship, Welsh and I having problem with joining a party for battle practice, because we don't have any ability to fight. I myself never amused with fighting training in my youth because I have to babysitting this crown prince at the time. Luckily, we found company, duo girls with decent skill in battle practice.

The first girl is Almira, a battle freak girl who always looking for fight and challenge. Second one is Tiana, a sweet lady that always support us with her magic heal. Welsh, like a maiden, fall in love with manly Almira, change his habit and try becoming a warrior himself. I train myself so I don't fall back and become a burden guy in this team.

As expected, my brain is my greatest weapon that I have. By using my head, I became the tactical manager in the team and create a plan to settle our mission. Welsh gather his courage to confess but rejected badly by Almira. But that jerk never give up on that matter. I who actually having a fiance has also fall in love with Tiana, but that girl got her heart smitten with that stupid jerk. I couldn't confess my feeling at all as I can't disobey my family choice for my partner in life.

The jerk know my feeling and tell the feeling of mine to her. She rejected me, and only after I taste the nasty experience, that jerk laughed at me. I getting mad and punch at the prince face. He doesn't react or try punch back at me. The only word he said;

"I don't think this pain can make me forget about Almira..."

"Your highness..."

"Don't call me that. My name is Welsh. We are the broken heart buddy right. Maybe rejected duo sounds better..."

"No, you idiot!"

That assh**e actually married Almira after trying so hard to impress her. That jerk never give up on her and moving forward to capture her heart. Me, I got cheated by my parent choice fiance and Tiana leaving me to went back to her home town. I became ultimate loser, but my dearest friend never left me behind. After became a king, he sent me to Tiana place and encourage me to win her back. Unfortunately, she died in accident. I cry in front of her grave, but in that place I meet Serena, her older sister. She and I became my acquaintance.

She already married by the way, but I meet her daughter, which is same appearance like Tiana. Her name is Livina. Her age is only 11 years old, but I believe she is the one for me. I take her back to the city and send her to my old school for her education. Welsh always making fun of me for being loli lover but I ensure you that I prefer the mature one.

I finally married Livina, but that bastard only have his fifth daughter. Some nobles voiced their consent went the king doesn't have their heir, but he himself ignores them. When I having my second son, finally Almira give birth to first prince and later on became the crown prince. I felt happy for him, but later on, I felt horrible because the Prime Minister in that time retired and I have been announced as the new one! That jerk promote me into Duke rank and make me suffer by handling the problem of our kingdom.

When Almira can't give birth anymore, her condition become more worse than before. She asked her husband to join back the army, for her final moment. Yes, the doctor already affirm that she can't live much longer. She lead her knight squad to recapture a fallen city called Snow Love, but at the end, she fall in the war, but without regret, and her army retreat after that.

I see my best buddy cried at her grave, when he visit by himself, remind me about Tiana. When I return from my work, I always hug my lovely wife. She always said, "I will love you as much as her."

"No, I love you because you, yourself not her. This hug is just my own weakness, I can't get myself move forward when losing someone."


"Please swear to me that you will live longer life, and let die first before you gone forever..."

She never replied back to me when I said that word. I thought by her smiling, she is indeed promise me to live longer life than me. She died because weird disease. She fall ill suddenly and been bed ridden for most of time. No doctor could cure her ailment and finally she fell rest in peace. My best buddy with me all the time, drinking some wine while remembered our youth.

Almira reckless and courageous actually inherited by her daughter, Cynthiatte, who change her name as Titania. The third princess specially train by me as my disciple, became youngest minister in Tiamat and handle all the financial of the country. By the wisdom that been shared by me and Welsh, we hanging on the thread, and still trying to improve our country.

After the heat debate, Welsh and I have to agree the summoning plans that been suggested by the current nobles. I never wanted to get some help from a stranger, but I have to give priority to my country. Titania was mad, but we gone through with the process and finally summoned the heroes.

The extra nonhero is so rude, but Welsh let him alone, and he left the palace. After that, I given a warning from Earl Artos to make sure that this country to let that guy alone. My disciple meet me to discuss this matter, but at the end, we can't do anything about it. I have to warn the weird second Princess too about that.
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    《Isekai Blacksmith》