Isekai Blacksmith
40 39 Whitesmith
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Isekai Blacksmith
Author :hnharima
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40 39 Whitesmith

"So, can I upgrade my job?" I ask while entertain myself touching Aeriss hair. Aeriss so lovely with her purring cat-like sounds, just let me petting her.

"Master, my hair also available to touch," Lilithies move near me, with puppy eyes, begging me to touch her, I mean her hair.

"Later, Lilithies. So Arranjar, I assume that you can actually allow me to upgrade my job today, if you don't mind..."

"Touch me too.... Ah I mean yes, I can. Better if I let Princess Lilithies do it as her part of training becoming a guild master. Princess, please learn all the procedure and take notes of what the important things as the leader of your own guild. You have to handle the guild processing unit by set up it, before you can upgrade the Adventurer job or their guild ranked." Explain Arranjar. I curious about what she wants to tell me in early sentence, but the learning matter must given more priority.

"Sound troublesome...."

"Lilithies, I will get mad if you can't become a good guild master..." I warned Lilithies.

"Please, Arranjar, teach me how to become fully functional guild master!" Suddenly she shown a full spirited motivation and began her lesson with Arranjar. Arranjar only sigh after seeing Lilithies action.

While she focusing on Arranjar lectures, I and Aeriss sit on the couch near by. Arranjar teach Lilithies how to register her name and reset all the information before installing a new data for new guild in my country. I just have a few days before I can depart from this country, so accepted Lilithies for my new guild will complete my plan. The guild is quite important to make sure my future country can create jobs and ensure nation safety because the adventurers that register with this organisation will doing the quest and monsters hunting. It's like killing two birds with one stone for my own kingdom.

"Mr Harry, we have finished the procedure. Would you stop petting the little girl and start with completing your request." Arranjar voice broke my deep thinking, and let me back to reality. I see her pouting-like face in front of me, maybe tired waiting for me for awhile when I in day dreaming state. I also realized that Aeriss already sleeping in my lap, my hand not in her head but, nah maybe I shouldn't speak of it.

"Okay, sure." I carefully stand up while changing Aeriss position to let her continue to sleep at the couch. I follow her to the place where I can see Lilithies wait me like a loyal dog.

"Master, put your hand in the processor unit. I will check your job and level..." Lilithies instruct me for evolving my profession. I follow her advice and put my hand on it.

"Woo..." The floating box suddenly let out a robotic sound, after I touch it. The box seems like scanning me, to get my data.

"Harry, Blacksmith level 10, I, the guild master will allowed you to upgrade your job. If you agreed, please answer yes. I will conduct the upgrade ceremony for you, my master." Lilithies said it with happy tone, even though the actual sentence sounds more serious.

"Yes..." I agree to upgrade my job, reply back to her. She smile more brightly.

"I will start the ceremony now..." She operates the box and a light shine covered my body for few seconds.

"Your job now have been upgraded. Your job now is Whitesmith..... Eh?" Lilithies shocked by her own sentence.

"Never in my wild dream, I will see this kind of jobs...." Arranjar look at me with weird face. I also never heard about Whitesmith, but did that job is strange one?

"Anyway, we finished the ceremony. You can level it up after this...." Arranjar calm down and said that to me. I need to reward her something.

"Thanks for your help. Here, I will present you another 7 guild processor units for you. You can open more branches to help the country." I give her more the floating boxes. She like always, shocked by my action. Dude, get it over already.

"Th-thank you! I really appreciate it. I will do what you said...."

"Yeah, you better do it. My master is so generous, kind and thoughtful of you!" Said Lilithies with a proud voice.

"Mushtaa..." Aeriss come near to me while rubbing her eyes, wake up from sleep just now. I pet her soft hair.

"How enviable... I mean how cute she is... But Mr Harry, do you really want to donate those things? You should use yourself, of course for your own kingdom..." Said Arranjar.

"I will manage it myself. Just accept it. Thinks as my gratitude for your help with this matter. I hope we'll be able to work together for a long time." I held up my hand and ask for hand shack to her. She grab my hand and shacks it with high regard.

After I finished my appointment with guild master in this morning, I return back to my building and have my lunch with my slaves. Lilithies join us for lunch and enjoy it. Aeriss somehow look proud and bragging something to other sword girls while my ship girl, Rei eating beside me without making noise. After I finish my lunch, I went back to my room to check my status.


Harry (Whitesmith Lv1)

HP 26500/26500

MP 17330/17330

Stamina 18400/ 18400

EXP 0/1024000


STR 1040

INT 1030

ACC 1030

AGI 1030

Luck 1100


- White Magical upgrade Lv 7

- Item fuse Lv 20 (MP +200, luck +20)

- Item upgrade Lv 30 (Stamina +300)

- Philanderer Lv 10 (Stamina +100, luck +50)

- Earth martial arts Lv 1 (Strength +10)


- Language Comprehension

- Numbering

- The sword special Blacksmith (Only crafting sword, not including other complex weaponry)


- Aeriss (sword of light)

- Esthia (sword of dark)

- Athena (sword of earth)

- Slyphie (sword of wind)

- Scarlett (sword of fire)

- Aquaz (sword of water)

- Set of +20 Divine Adamantium Equipments.

(all attributes +1000, HP, MP and Stamina + 6000)

(If all swords active by user, all attributes x 10)

Misc :

HH-0 (Rei) - Ship


"White Magical upgrade? What the heck is going on? Already level 7?!" I still don't understand why it's becoming like that. My HP, MP and Stamina went up to 10k each, so it's a good news. I wonder what what the skill is so I tried to meditate in finding the meaning of it.

Suddenly, it came out from my mind, the answer to that question. The white magical upgrade is the way to make all my important needs into a spiritual items. That's is the reason I could create Rei, the ship girl, as my spiritual transportation. I can create my accommodation as spiritual magical creature as well. I wanted to laughed myself. I actually got a biggest cheat after all.

After doing my experimental on my special skill, I went out from my room and spend my time with my sword girls, Rei and finally petting Lilithies hair because I promised that earlier.

Then I eat the dinner together. I feel so comfortable with my routine and hope this moment continue in my own country. Lilithies separate from us and went back to her place sadly but like people said, tommorow never die! I hope that I won't rise any flags for that sentence.
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    《Isekai Blacksmith》