Isekai Blacksmith
41 40 White Albums
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Isekai Blacksmith
Author :hnharima
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41 40 White Albums

In these realm full of white, I have brought to this world by mother, the spirit Empress, Her Holiness Uthopia. She is the most powerful spirit who leads the six realm of spirit. We, the spirit born in this realm not like the mortals, which need a mother and a father, that form a family for their son and daughter. We born from our mother exceptional Mana when she gain her highest spirit rank.

The spirit rank divide by four type; Lesser, Superior, Princess and Queen. My mother is a Queen rank, but as a highest rank in Holy spirit rank, my mother give the empress title. Me myself is actually at lesser rank, but due to my mother influence, I regarded as a Princess rank. The only way to get our queen title is to serve a master. My mother master is the legendary heroes that been summoned from other world. The heroes defeated the demon king and bring peace to human world.

Actually, there are two more spirit that been summoned together with my mother, but two of them never returned to this realm, enjoying their short time with the heroes before ended up lost in the world. My mother want to join them but as a leader and the next empress, she separated with her love one.

My mother has her childhood friend called Esthia. She never have master but her power can withstand my mother who is the Empress. Esthia mother were summoned by demon king when Esthia still young. Even though we don't need anything like food or water, but we still love and guidance from our mother. Esthia at her youth is so troublesome spirit and always challenging other realms. She never answered the calls of summoners which most of them are demons.

I always watch Esthia dueling my mother time to time while talking about their past. Esthia always waiting her mother but her dream never granted. I always respect her and hoping to become strong like her.

One day, when I enjoy my time resting at my room, suddenly I saw a light pillar that come from nowhere, located far from my place, shining so bright. I feel so attracted to the light like a moth. I heard my name called by someone, so I went toward to the voice, without I could do any resistance. While being suck to the voice, my mind connected to my new master. I can read and see my master memories of all the moment that he been through.

One of the things that I attracted to him is his hobby and entertainment preference like anime, manga and games. Most of the subject that highlighted in that things refer as a fantasy even though in this world, it would be a quite normal event, except with a normal occasion. The magic that describes by animes or mangas quite over the top and very ridiculous from my opinions.

The most funny thing, I became the eldest sister in sword girls that been summoned by my master. My mother friends and actually an old hag become the youngest one. Everyone except me very excited about the sister arrangements, one things, because their never met that disaster battle maniac darkness spirit called Esthia. I tried to reject that arrangements and explain the truth but Esthia stare me with killing intent, so I agree without hesitation. Right now, Esthia have power to beat all 5 element queens by herself, so I don't think it's a good idea to get her nerve. Everytime the other sword girls calling Esthia as a little sister, I felt so scared and hope the nuclear nuke (base on master comprehension) won't explode.

Unlike Esthia, I and other girls have been through on our master mind because of our power can't be compare to her. That's why she so ignorance about our strategy to seduce him using his fetish preference. She always think that we playing around with our master but she wrong! Well, with my victory underwear can't be underestimated because master always gulped when I moved a little my skirt.

Slyphie, the youngest age of us in actual fact, however more daring using her wind magic to attract our master. I so jealous with her element now, but I think what she done is cute compare to our real eldest sister, Esthia. She as in word of our master vocabulary, a Yandere, have weird hobby, collecting our master thing that he used. I tried to advise her not to do it, but she already too late for that.

"I will tell master about it, if you don't stop doing that creepy things!"

"You know, I can always show you my collection, only for you...." Said Esthia with a calm but dark voice.

"Why should I do that? I don't need your collection!"

"Well, as a human, he will die sooner or later so let's keep this moment forever, shouldn't we? I will let you enjoy that together when the time comes...."

"Master gone, if master gone.... Ah, okay, I understand. I will keep this secret thing safely in my hand."

"Here, I let you smell our master towel that he use this morning..."

"I'm not interested but... fuuu haaa (inhale breathe) Smell like master. Damn it, I want it now!"

"No, you don't. Just appreciate it for this moment. I need to preserve it at my storage. Now, return it."

"Suuu haaa..... ha, ha... ha... I will miss you my master towel....."

So, I been convinced by her, as I have to accept what a wonderful hobby that Esthia has. I should start collecting it for myself, but unlike Esthia, I don't have storage magic.

After Esthia escorting my master yesterday, it's my turn to become his bodyguard. Esthia ask me to collect anything that our master using, so I will carefully get the job done. My master is so awesome after creating a new magical processor unit that have used by the guild. My life never bored if my master beside me. When his follower, Lilithies learns something from the old lady with younger face, my master and I resting while sitting at the weird chair. He rubbed my hair with gentle and having a deep thinking. I changed my position and letting my master to touch my stomach. His hand move to my upper body suddenly robbed my energy and strength because of a very nice feeling that I never felt before. The body that I have now is near to human, so I can feel as much as human beings. All hail my master for his ability to create my body!

Unknown to me, I fall asleep and awaken after smelling a nice fragrance. When I get near to it, I see my master, a Whitesmith. A Whitesmith is well-known in our spirit realms. The person of that job can created a spiritual items and can summon us to bind us with the item that he makes. It's not a weird things if master managed to summon us. The most important thing, he managed to create a new spiritual being from item that he enhanced.

I couldn't get more happy to know how wonderful our master is! He actually achieve the legendary Whitesmith ability while being a Blacksmith before! The last Whitesmith been recorded in our realm is the one who created all the spirit clan that exists now. He named as spirit king, but as a human, he died just like normal human. He left his legacy and the human with Whitesmith job never appear till today. My master has broke that record.

When we return to our home, I brag about our master achievement that happens in front my eyes and the touching of my master upon myself. The other girls get angry because of jealousy, especially Esthia but I calm her with the napkins that been use by our master while snacking at the stall before heading home.
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    《Isekai Blacksmith》