Isekai Blacksmith
42 41 Almost Heaven
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Isekai Blacksmith
Author :hnharima
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42 41 Almost Heaven

Even though my days on this country nearing the end, my early morning routine still going on. I finished my daily jog and clean up my body with morning shower. My body feels refresh as I let my body wet with cold water raining from shower head. I don't think that I will experience bathing like this anymore in the fantasy world, but like I always thought, you can't trust your own expectations. I don't know if that sentence usage are correctly to explain this matter, but nevertheless, like I give a shit of it.

Enough my idiot thinking, yesterday night was heaven yet I feel in the hell. First at all, I managed to create my bus into a spiritual creature that can change into a girl, a loli one by the way. Using my magical bus, which in previously that I upgrade it to the divine ranked, I tried to fuse it until it reach +21 and my attempt are wonderfully working. After full of sweating moment and hardworking effort, my bus that I successfully fuse finally turning into a cute girl. I give her a name, Rapid. Like Rei, my ship girl, she born without any knowledge and depends on me to instruct her to do something. She so innocent and pure, unlike my sword girls, so she never shown a seductive effort to turn me on. Such a blissful day for me.

The moment of hell happened after that bliss. I been held by my sword girls all over the night. They never let me go and hugging me by saying my smell are so fragrant. They keep doing it and keep stubborn until I give up. I can see my dark sword, Esthia, the matured one among all my six sword girls, put her nose on my abdomen with "ha,ha,ha..." of her breathing sounds. Following the situation, my night practice been disturb and I don't have any lovely activity on that day. I still embracing the warmth of the ladies body, but only by feeling. I can't touch these girls, infact they still too young, furthermore, they not even reach a month at age. We just sleep together and for first time after coming to this country, I have a good rest at the night. Rei and Rapid joining us for our sleep party to let us more intimate with each other with skinship. Well, I managed to achieve my sage mode and remove my worldy desire. Damn girls, where your hands touching at? Oi, who's hand it is?!

After I wear my clothes, I having my breakfast like always with the remain slaves. I ask some of my slave about my smell have changed or not, they replied;

"That smell always forever in their mind..."

Ah, it's useless to ask them. I try to ask my my new follower, the fourth Princess that come to my place today;

"Lilithies, do I smelled differently than usual?"

"I-i have to check it out first... Can I smell you?" Ask her.

"Okay, if you may..."

"Can I? You won't get mad? Ha... ha... ha....."

"Sure.... But why you acting so funny?"

"No, nothing. Uhum... I will smelling you now. Ahan... You smell normal to me. Yeah, a normal (manly) one..... "

"Okay, I guess it's alright now. I need to go to Artos Store..."

"Done already? I can do a little more time, if you want?" Do what? I really don't understand this girl.

After walking awhile, I arrived at the store with Slyphie as my bodyguard today and Lilithies who insist that she wants to escort me. I see Rycur, as always busy with her work schedule for the preparation of my departure from this country. She always try to avoid meeting with me, so I rather not to disturb her. But today, she is the one who started the conversation with me.

"Hi, sir Harry. How you been lately?" Greet Rycur, with lively voice.

"Ah, Rycur. I'm doing great, thanks for asking. I hope you are not stressed with all my request and work recently. Just a few days before I leaving this country, so I hope you can manage it..."

"Yes, I heard it from my father. Can I ask you something?" It's rare for Rycur to request something from me. I think it's a serious one.

"Sure, I listening..."

"You seem been escorted by young ladies in few days lately... Who are they?" What? I thought it something different.

"She is my sword and my bodyguard..."

"Wait, a what? A sword?" Rycur shocked with my statement.

"Hah? You ears are rotten like your money monger heart?" Lilithies join the conversation with her sarcastic tone.

"I didn't ask you, muscle brain!" Rycur get angry.

"Don't start the fight, girls... Rather, did you two know each other?" I asked them.

"She is my sister good friend, with like her, a girl with a greedy heart and money grubbing soul. You can call her Rycur of the Money Grubber."

"She is a shitty adventurer that always requesting her sister to buy her an equipment with high rank level with God knows how much the value is." Now I know why both of them like a cat and a dog. One value the efficiency and another value the monetary.

"I don't care about that. I just need to meet with your father for awhile...." I just going straight to the main office, meeting Yamtom.

"Wait, wait.... Can I talk to that cute little girl beside you?" Oh, she wants to talk with Slyphie?

"Slyphie, do you want to talk with her?"

"No, she a weirdo... My mama says not to get close to someone like her..." Slyphie hide behind me and start bashing her.

"Me, a weirdo.... Gaaaaa....." I guess she being hurt after Slyphie rejected her.

"Hahaha.... A weirdo!" Lilithies don't holding back on her laugh.

"You also a perverted woman!" Slyphie points her finger to Lilithies.

"Ah, damn....." Lilithies also getting upset and just kneeling to the ground together with Rycur.

I leave that comical duo and straight to the Yamtom office. I talk to him about my successfully creation, Rapid and ask him for any ideas which I could try with my current ability.

"How about creating a spiritual lifeform using your guild processor unit and your city core?" Suggested Yamtom.

"Are you a genius? My God, why should I forget about it?" I guess it's a good thing to brainstorm in everything because two head better than one. I have plenty of time so our discussion continue until noon time. In the end of our meeting, he pass me a big present. I have been surprise for that present and feel very grateful for it!
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    《Isekai Blacksmith》